Fortnite is well known for its crossovers with popular franchises such as Marvel, Star Wars and many more, but sometimes these collab skins are locked behind the Battle Pass.

This means you can only obtain them if you unlocked them in the specific season they were around for. There is no other way to get your hands on them.

Fortnite gamers who have missed out on these skins now say they would happily buy them if they became available in the shop. So, let’s dive into this latest reaction from the community.

Fans Want Fortnite Battle Pass Skins to Come to the Item Shop

Players within the Fortnite community are calling for collab skins that featured in Battle Passes to return to the Item Shop.

This way, they can get their hands on outfits they missed from previous seasons. Many of these gamers missed out due to not playing Fortnite at the time or not gaining enough XP.

This conversation was sparked by a popular Reddit thread which has received over 2,000 replies.

One of the most popular comments is by a player saying they missed out on the Spider-Gwen skin from Chapter 3: Season 4.

byu/MeowsclesOnlyfans from discussion

While many would argue that these skins should be exclusive and only for those who played during that season, one user says that while they have Spider-Gwen they feel everyone should have a chance to get it.

byu/MeowsclesOnlyfans from discussion

Additionally, Link__117 makes a good point. One way to keep both parties happy could be to release different styles of the skin.

This way those who missed out can play as Spider-Gwen, meanwhile Battle Pass completors would have an exclusive style.

Furthermore, its not just Reddit where this conversation on Battle Pass Collab Skins is taking place. This X/Twitter user sympathises with those who potentially missed out on their favorite characters.

Whether or not these skins will return, only time will tell. However, based on what we know, it is highly unlikely. Fortnite have yet to bring back any old Battle Pass skins to the Item Shop.

If they do decide to bring old-school Battle Pass collab skins back to Fortnite, it could alleviate some of the current complaints about the Item Shop.

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