Fortnite has a brand-new set of animations and movement options in Chapter 5 but fans don’t seem happy with the changes so far.

If Fortnite feels weird to you this season, you’re certainly not alone. Epic Games has made major changes to how movement works – and it’s not to everyone’s taste.

Here’s how fans are responding:

Chapter 5 Movement Feels Sluggish and Slow

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 made major changes to movement but it seems Epic Games is already buffing speed to help the game feel more like its old self.

Thanks to the new set of more realistic animations, Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 feels slower and harder to control.

As you can see in the clip above, It now takes longer to come to a total stop. What’s more, moving feels all-round slower, which is frustrating when you’re playing Zero Build or just out of cover.

Instead of being able to choose between walking, running, and sprinting, players can now only walk or sprint.

UPDATE: Fortnite is now testing a new movement speed increase that is set to roll out in the coming weeks.

The new animations will remain, but overall speed is getting a buff, as shown in the clip below:

The original article continues below:

This is certainly a big change to get used to after coming from the simplicity of Fortnite OG.

And while the movement isn’t spectacularly bad, it’s just too different from the gameplay that longtime fans are used to.

The new animations seems to be giving those who play regular Battle Royale the most trouble, as the extra little movements throw off the intricate building mechanics.

byu/TheFortniteTeam from discussion

Personally we think that while the new movement feels incredibly different from the Fortnite we know, it could just be something that fans will get used to with a little time.

byu/TheFortniteTeam from discussion

However, if Epic Games gets bombarded with complaints in the coming days, it’s very possible that the change will be reverted before long.

Why Does This Season’s Movement Feel Different?

According to the latest Fortnite Chapter 5 blog, players are now experiencing the effects of Motion Matching and Procedural Layering – two features that are aimed at improving the smoothness of movement.

“These are features that result in improved animations for things like transitioning from walking to running, changing directions, and using a weapon.”

In premise, this sounds like a good thing, and the animations even look nice in-game. But for many players, this just isn’t how Fortnite is meant to feel.

It’ll be interesting to see how the community adapts in the coming weeks or if Epic Games backs down under the pressure and reverses the movement change.

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