A Fortnite player has found a clever way to self-revive after their teammate refused to pick them up after going down.

Usually, when you are downed in the battle royale game, you must be revived by one of the members in your squad.

However, using this trick, one user could get back on their feet despite their teammate being far away.

Player Uses Clever Self-Revive Trick

A Fortnite player self-revived themselves by using a Mending Machine to regen their health while downed and then purchasing an NPC, who picked them back up.

Reddit user imalonexc shared this clip and strategy in the Fortnite subreddit. The video below shows they are low on HP and about to be entirely eliminated.

However, by using up some of their gold at the Mending Machine, they brought their HP up enough to crawl near an NPC. They went on to hire the character, who revived them.

This strategy was only made possible in the latest Fortnite update released on December 19, 2023, which enabled NPCs to become hireable.

Of course, if you want to replicate this tactic, you must be near an NPC when you go down. These can be found in the following locations on the map:

Fortnite NPC locations for a self-revive
Credit: Fortnite.gg

It seems many players were unaware that this was a possibility! Tons of users responded, stating they had learned something new.

One user said they had no idea Mending Machines and NPCs could be interacted with while you are down.

byu/imalonexc from discussion

While another said they had learned a new trick.

byu/imalonexc from discussion

If we are ever in this situation, it is undoubtedly a tip we are glad we now know. After all, teammates may not always be reliable.

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