Forget Optimus Prime, Optimus PRIMAL is dropping in the Fortnite Item Shop to celebrate the release of Rise of the Beasts.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 is finally here, and the new WILDS-themed season looks to be a refreshing change of pace after the high-tech Japan-inspired Season 2.

But if you were confused by Optimus Prime’s inclusion as the Tier 100 skin in the jungle-themed Battle Pass, there’s a reason the Autobot is making his appearance now.

Who Is Optimus Primal in Fortnite?

Optimus Primal, the leader of the Maximals, known for his legendary leadership and ability to transform into a Gorilla, is making his debut in Fortnite.

The character, who is set to appear in the new Rise of the Beasts movie, is not actually Optimus Prime but instead is named after the iconic Transformer.

Seeing as the two characters are separate entities, it makes sense for Primal to be his own skin in Fortnite. However, this might be the first time that Epic Games has released a Tier 100 skin alongside a very similar variant in the Item Shop.

Optimus Primal Skin in Fortnite

Optimus Primal Release Date Fortnite

Optimus Primal, the Gorilla Maximal leader, went live in the Fortnite Item Shop alongside the release of Chapter 4 Season 3 on July 9, 2023.

The skin is available to purchase right from Day One, meaning that you won’t have to wait to get your hands on an Optimus skin.

Optimus Prime, on the other hand, will be locked behind the Tier 100 slot in the new Season 3 Battle Pass.

Optimus Prime in Fortnite

Fortnite Optimus Primal V-Bucks Price

Optimus Primal costs 1600 V-Bucks to purchase as an individual skin, coming with a built-in ‘Go Primal’ Emote.

Buying the Optimus Primal outfit also grants players the Maximal Emblem Backbling.

Optimus Primal Item Shop Fortnite

Optimus Primal Bundle Details

For an extra 200 V-Bucks, the Optimus Primal Bundle is available in the Item Shop for 1800 V-Bucks in total.

The Optimus Primal bundle contains the following items:

  • Optimus Primal (Outfit)
  • Maximal Logo (Backbling)
  • Go Primal (Built-In Emote)
  • Sonic Swords (Reactive Harvesting Tool)

Whether or not we’ll get further Transformers representation, including Megatron, Bumblebee, or any more Maximals remains to be seen.

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