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Fortnite Omega Knight Bundle – Release Date, Quests, and More

One of Fortnite’s latest cosmetic bundles is the Omega Knight Bundle. Find out when Fortnite’s Omega Knight Bundle’s release date is, the quests for leveling up, and more.

Fornite recently updated to content update v20.30, which brought plenty of changes to the Island.

It also brought us new skins, which have been datamined and leaked to the public. One of these skins is the Omega Knight Bundle, which includes some cosmetics and variants.

Players are excited for the Omega Knight bundle, as the original Omega Knight was a Battle Pass item in Season 4. Many players who began their Fortnite journey afterward couldn’t get the skin.

Here’s when the Omega Knight Bundle is set to release in Fortnite, as well as what is included and the quests.

Fortnite – What’s Included in the Omega Knight Bundle?

The Omega Knight Bundle in Fortnite includes three items and two variants for each item.

The items included with the Omega Knight Bundle are:

  • Omega Knight Skin (with Aurum Eques Style)
  • Knight’s Torment Back Bling (with Aurum Eques Style)
  • Knight’s Torment Pickaxe (with Aurum Eques Style)

The Aurum Eques Style turns the color of each item or the skin to a golden color. It certainly looks awesome.

Fortnite – When is the Omega Knight Bundle Release Date?

Currently, it’s unknown when the Omega Knight Bundle is set to release in the Item Shop in Fortnite.

Leakers and other users suggested that it would be released with the latest content update, v20.30, but that was May 3 and the day has passed.

As of May 4, it still isn’t in the Item Shop. We’ll update you as soon as it arrives in the Item Shop.

Fortnite – Omega Knight Bundle Price

As the Omega Knight Bundle hasn’t been released yet, we’re unsure of the price of the bundle in Fortnite.

The skin is an Epic, meaning that it’ll likely be between 1,500 and 2,000 V-Bucks. That equates to around $15/$16.

Of course, if you have the Fortnite Crew Subscription, you get 1,000 V-Bucks each month. You also get an exclusive skin bundle. Make sure to check out the Fortnite Crew Bundle for May 2022.

Fortnite Omega Knight Bundle Price, Quests
ShiinaBR / Epic Games

Fortnite – What are the Omega Knight Bundle Quests?

There are a total of 28 Omega Knight quests to complete in Fortnite, with certain phases earning certain rewards.

Here is what you need to complete to earn some of the items in the Omega Knight Bundle:

  • Complete 7 Omega Knight Level Up Quests – Reward: Knight’s Torment Back Bling
  • Finish 14 Omega Knight Level Up Quests – Reward: Knight’s Torment Pickaxe
  • Complete 21 Omega Knight Level Up Quests – Reward: Knight’s Torment Back Bling/Pickaxe (Aurum Eques Style)
  • Complete 28 Omega Knight Level Up Quests – Reward: Omega Knight (Aurum Eques Style)

The Omega Knight quests are fairly simple, requiring you to pick up Level Up tokens at certain destinations.

Each week, seven Level Up tokens will be available. This means it will take you four weeks to earn the full Omega Knight bundle.

Fortnite Omega Knight Bundle Aurum Eques Style
ShiinaBR / Epic Games

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