Fortnite OG will bring back one of the game’s best-ever vehicles, as shopping carts and mounted turrets are confirmed to return.

In case you missed it, Fortnite is going back to the Chapter 1 map in Chapter 4 Season 5. This short season, going by the name Fortnite OG, aims to take players back to the so-called ‘golden days’ of the Battle Royale.

And if you were a fan of zooming around in shopping carts back in the game’s first Chapter, Fortnite OG might be exactly what you were waiting for.

Shopping Carts Return Teased

In a new teaser image for Fortnite OG (Chapter 4 Season 5), Epic Games reveals that shopping carts are making a welcome return.

These ‘vehicles,’ if you can even call them that, could seat two players, one of whom acts as the driver and pushes the cart along.

Fortnite Shopping Cart Push

Shopping carts could gain tremendous speed when launching down hills, and the passenger inside the cart can even fire their weapons freely.

We’re now just days away from Fortnite OG, which kicks off on Friday, November 3, 2023. And as Epic Games continues to tease the return of the Chapter 1 map, a new teaser image shows a few returning elements from classic Fortnite.

In the image, we see one player wielding the classic Assault Rifle and riding in a shopping cart as a vehicle. In the background, we can also glimpse a mounted turret.

Fortnite OG Shopping Cart and Mounted Turret

For those unaware, this turret was a legendary Trap item, that placed a turret with infinite ammo at a position of the player’s choice. What’s notable about this is that Traps as a whole have been missing since Chapter 2, with classic items like the Spike Trap being M.I.A. ever since.

Now, it looks like both shopping carts and mounted turrets (if not traps altogether) will be back in Fortnite OG. Since both items were present back in the original Season 5, it makes sense that they’ll be in the new update.

After all, Fortnite OG leaks state that we’ll be kicking off the time travel escapades in Season 5, and then rapidly moving forward in time from there.

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