Fortnite OG is making huge waves across the gaming community, and its player count far exceeds that of the previous season.

It’s not often that a game manages to hold a significant fanbase for years on end, but Fortnite has been one of the titans of gaming since it debuted in September 2017.

And after over 6 years of gameplay updates, new Chapters, fresh content and more, fans have recently been feeling nostalgic. Now, Epic Games has capitalized on that nostalgia, bringing back the iconic Chapter 1 that early Fortnite players fell in love with.

And it seems that was all it took for the game’s popularity to explode once again.

Concurrent Players Hit Highest Peak in Months

Fortnite OG just hit a peak of 6,172,463 players at its peak, shortly after the return of Chapter 1 gameplay.

On November 1, Fortnite reported a peak concurrent player count of 1.2 million users. Now, with the launch of the ‘new’ season, Fortnite OG is pulling in five times that number.

Of course, it’s unfair to compare the end of a season with the launch day of a new one.

Fortnite Player Count

But looking back at the launch of Chapter 4 Season 4, reports the game was pulling in approximately 2.8 million players simultaneously, which is still less than half its current volume.

However, even today’s figures pale compared to the titan that Fortnite once was.

Back in Chapter 2 Season 2’s ‘The Device’ live event, Epic Games announced that 12 million players logged in to play, and a further 8.4 million watched the event live on YouTube and Twitch.

There’s plenty of evidence to suggest Fortnite OG will end with a live event too, the first one in 12 months. And we can’t wait to see how many players hop in this time.

It seems that the new Fortnite season appeals not just to regular players, but also old-school fans who miss the early days of the Battle Royale title.

Fortnite OG Lil Split

We’re certain there are even a few new players in the mix, who have bought into the ‘Fortnite OG’ hype. After all, half the posts we see about Call of Duty Warzone are from fans campaigning for the original map, Verdansk, to return.

It’s also possible that Fortnite’s player count may continue to rise, though most seasons peak shortly after launch. But with the OG season becoming a viral hit, we wouldn’t be shocked to see it succeed even further.

And with a player count like this, Epic Games may even consider keeping Fortnite OG as a permanent mode, much like it did with Zero Build.

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