The new Fortnite OG season is bringing back some fond memories, and many players believe it needs to stick around for good as a permanent mode.

Right now, Epic Games’ Battle Royale is returning to Chapter 1 and the fanbase is responding in a major way. According to, the game is peaking at over 6.1 million concurrent players a day, many of whom are returning for the nostalgia alone.

And despite Fortnite OG not appealing to every player out there, particularly ones that prefer the faster, more modern gameplay, we’re already seeing calls for the mode to stay in the game forever.

Zero Build Stuck Around, Why Not OG?

Fortnite Zero Build initially arrived as a limited time mode, before Epic Games realized its potential and kept it around for good. Could we see something similar with Fortnite OG sticking around as a separate playlist?

We don’t think many people want Fortnite OG to outright replace the standard Battle Royale. Epic Games certainly doesn’t want this, as it removes the company’s ability to add new features, collabs, and exciting seasonal events.

However, would it hurt the company to keep OG around as a separate mode? Fans are certainly hoping that’ll be the case.

Fortnite Chapter 1 Loot Lake

“God I hope OG stays as a permanent game mode,” Reddit user LunaLynnTheCellist writes. “I haven’t had this much fun with the game since the actual Chapter 1…”

We’re seeing this sentiment echoed by much of the returning fanbase, who praise OG’s return to a slower, more tactical gameplay loop.

The mode is even appealing to players who didn’t really get into the early Chapters of Fortnite:

“I didn’t play OG a ton back in the day. I’m sad it’s only a month, already had the most fun I’ve ever had in this game”


Creative Could Save the Day

Even if Epic Games decides to remove the OG playlist for good, it’s possible that Creative mode could still immortalize it forever.

After all, the UEFN mode ‘Atlas OG Battle Royale‘ was always a fan-favorite way to revisit the Chapter 1 map, and even use the OG loot pool while doing so!

  • Island Code: 2179-7822-3395
    • Note: A temporary superhero mode is underway at this code while Fortnite OG’s existence removes the need for the Creative playlist.
Atlas OG Battle Royale Creative Map Fortnite

We’re sure with the extra assets in-game now, a mode like this could get a major overhaul and be what OG fans are looking for.

But hopefully, Epic realizes the potential of this mode, just like it did with Zero Build. We’re sure it would rather those 6 million concurrent players stick around just a little longer, after all.

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