Fortnite OG takes us back to the glory days of Chapter 1, and we forgot there were basically no heals back then.

If you’re used to the fast-paced nature of Chapter 4, it may be a little jarring to get used to Fortnite OG. After all, the map has more emphasis on empty space, movement options are limited, and there’s almost no healing to be found.

In this ‘new’ tactical meta, you’ll need to hunt for shields, prioritize picking up healing items, and slow down your pace. But despite that not appealing to all players, many are finding it surprisingly refreshing.

Why Are There No Shields on the Map?

Back in Fortnite Chapter 1, there were far fewer ways to heal up and replenish your shields in a hurry. Now, as we return to the OG map, there are only the following ways to restore shields:

  • Small Shield Potions
  • Shield Potions
  • Chug Jug
  • Shield Mushroom

Gone are Splashes, Slurp Barrels, Shield Kegs, Chug Cannons, Slap Juice, Fish, Augments, and other ways to restore shield that players have become accustomed to.

Using a Chug Jug in Fortnite OG

With so much loot on the map to find, achieving full shields after a gunfight becomes a rarity. But for some Battle Royale fans, that’s a good thing.

“It’s so much more enjoyable being able to actually have value out of the damage you deal to players. you can’t shoot someone for 100 and they get their health to full in one second…” Reddit user Pokevan8162 attests. “Like it’s much simpler lmao I love it.”

Chapter 1 Is Back – But It May Not Stay This Way for Long

If you’re frustrated with the lack of healing, you may not be dealing with the issue for long. After all, leaks report that this season will be racing forward in time from its Chapter 1 starting point very soon.

We can even see examples of this in the Fortnite OG gameplay trailer, which shows mechanics from future seasons arriving on the island.

By the end of Fortnite OG’s four-week lifespan, we may see the likes of Med-Mist, Chug Splash, Slurp Juice and more arrive on the island.

But if loot doesn’t get replaced with newer weaponry and simply piles on instead, it could be just as hard to come by healing items.

byu/Night_Tac from discussion

Zero Build players are certainly struggling for now, as the map offers far less cover than it did back in Chapter 4, leading to a greater need for heals.

But that isn’t stopping users from praising the lack of heals in Fortnite OG:

We imagine the new season won’t appeal to everyone, but it’s only a few more weeks until Chapter 5 arrives, and things return to normal anyway.

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