A live event is something we’ve not seen for almost a year, but there’s good news for fans coming at the end of Fortnite OG!

Fortnite is currently letting players experience a major blast from the past, with a season focussed on iconic content from previous seasons.

But as many fans are realizing, the Chapter is quickly coming to an end…

In fact, Fortnite OG will be just 30 days long and then we’re heading to Chapter 5 – after a highly-anticipated live event!

Fortnite OG Skins Chapter 4 Season 5

Live Events Make a Welcome Return

Epic Games has now confirmed that Fortnite OG will end with an ‘unforgettable’ live event that evolves all things as you know them.

The event will take place on December 2, 2023 at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET / 7 PM GMT.

Right now, a countdown to the event is appearing in both the Fortnite lobby and on the island itself.

When this countdown reaches zero, the live event will take place in Fortnite! This will be the first live event since Fracture, which took place almost a year earlier, on December 3, 2022.

What Will Happen in the Live Event?

The Fortnite OG live event will no doubt change the island in a major way, as we’re transferring to Chapter 5 Season 1 (or even a Fortnite Part 2?) after it comes to an end.

UPDATE: We know now that the Fortnite live event will feature Eminem and more – check out all the new details here!

We can only speculate about what’s to come, but it’s almost certainly related to the time machine, which is connected to The Visitor’s rocket.

Many fans believe that this event could finally bring back The Seven, who have been missing for over a year now.

One thing we do know about Chapter 5 Season 1, is that it’s set to feature a massive collaboration with LEGO! We could see a hint at this in the event itself.

Whatever happens, we’re hoping that the Fortnite OG live event goes absolutely crazy. After all, fans have been annoyed with both the year-long wait, and the lack of story in the Battle Royale title.

This event is the perfect way to kickstart the game, or even reboot the story and recover some of that lost hype.

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