Fortnite OG is bringing back hordes of classic content, and those looking to grind the new 50-tier Battle Pass will want to complete these Weekly Quests.

Hopping onto Fortnite and grinding out some missions is always a therapeutic way to pass the time. However, Fortnite OG (AKA Chapter 4 Season 5) takes a different approach to the game’s usual tasks.

None of the Weekly Quests for the new season will take much effort, and they’re all things that you’ll unlock simply by playing the game!

All Weekly Quests

Week 1

Damage Opponents with Pistols or Sniper Rifles0/50025K
Discover Named Locations0/2050K
Travel Distance While Sprinting0/1,50025K
Deal Damage to Opponents0/300050K
Search Chests0/1025K
Gain Shields0/20025K
Eliminate Opponents with SMGs0/1050K
Collect Shotgun Shells0/50025K

Week 2

Damage Opponents with SMGs0/1,00025K
Thank the Bus Driver0/550K
Travel Distance in Vehicles0/2,00025K
Eliminate Enemy Players0/2550K
Regain Health or Shields by Consuming Produce0/10025K
Collect Weapons of Rare or Greater Rarity0/1525K
Travel Distance During the Day0/2,00025K
Collect Light or Heavy Bullets0/75050K

Week 3

Damage Opponents with Shotguns0/1,00025K
Survive Storm Circles0/2550K
Travel Distance While Sliding or Crouched0/50025K
Damage Opponents From 30 Meters or More0/1,50050K
Restore Health0/25025K
Hit Weak Points0/10025K
Eliminate Opponents with Assault Rifles0/1050K
Collect Medium Bullets0/50025K

Week 4

Deal Damage to Enemy Players with Assault Rifles0/1,25025K
Outlast Opponents0/25050K
Travel Distance with Pickaxe Equipped0/1,00025K
Damage Opponents From 15 Meters or Less0/1,50050K
Search a Chest or Ammo Box Within 45 Seconds of Landing in Different Matches0/325K
Collect Ammo0/1,20025K
Eliminate Opponents with Pistols0/1025K
Eliminate Opponents with Sniper Rifles0/550K

That’s all for the Fortnite OG Weekly Quests, though Epic Games is also likely to add other missions to help players earn XP in-game.

However, Fortnite OG is ending in December 2023, so we don’t expect more weeklies to become available after this.

Be sure to finish your tasks in sufficient time to unlock all 50 tiers of the new Battle Pass!

Thanks to FN_Assist for leaking all Weekly Quests set to drop this season.

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