It’s a new year, and Fortnite is already trending on X, with fans sharing their most wanted collabs for 2024.

Fortnite’s impressive collaborations are part of the reason why the game has remained in the public eye so frequently over the last 6+ years.

Just recently, Chapter 5 shattered expectations by revealing that Family Guy’s Peter Griffin and Metal Gear’s Solid Snake were joining the Battle Pass.

And in the future, a reliable leaker has hinted that Devil May Cry and James Cameron’s Avatar skins are on the way! But what else do players want in 2024?

Most Anticipated Collaborations

Fortnite players are sharing their top picks for Fortnite collaborations, and we’ve compiled a few of the most popular picks below:

One Piece

The One Piece anime will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2024, making it the perfect time for a Fortnite collab.

Considering that it’s one of the most popular animated series of all time, it makes sense that many fans are very vocal about wanting it in Epic Games’ Battle Royale.

Straw Hat Pirates in Fortnite

Any one of the Straw Hat Pirates would make an excellent Fortnite skin, but Luffy, Zoro, and Nami would certainly be the most popular by a mile. Considering that Fortnite has been home to multiple anime collaborations, this is one we could certainly see happening.

We just hope that when it arrives, it gets the crossover it deserves.

Five Nights at Freddy’s

If you thought the FNAF hype was over, you obviously haven’t been looking at the latest X (formerly Twitter) trend.

The amount of Five Nights at Freddy’s requests we counted were second only to One Piece.

Five Nights at Freddy's in Fortnite

And with a varied line-up of characters to choose from, across a series that already spans 10 mainline games and 6 official spin-offs, there’s no shortage of potential Outfits.

Freddy Fazbear himself would be the star of the show (as always) but we could see Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, or even the likes of Glamrock Freddy making an appearance.

Cyberpunk 2077

Why hasn’t this collaboration happened already? That’s the question that Cyberpunk 2077 fans have been asking for some time now.

After all, CD Projekt Red has already collaborated with Epic Games by adding three characters from The Witcher to Fortnite.

Cyberpunk 2077 characters in Fortnite

Johnny Silverhand would be a perfect choice for a Fortnite skin, especially given that Keanu Reeves’ likeness is already in the game as John Wick.

What’s more, V, Jackie, Judy, Panam, and even David Martinez and Lucy from the Edgerunners anime series would all make fantastic Outfits.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake / Rebirth

The first FF7 Remake was a smash-hit and now Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is only weeks away.

With the second game in the remake series dropping on February 29, 2024, it could be the perfect time to add the likes of Cloud, Barret, Tifa, Aerith, and Sephiroth to Fortnite.

ff7 remake characters in Fortnite

As one of gaming’s most iconic characters, it seems unusual that Cloud Strife isn’t already in the Battle Royale title. Hopefully, this is the year that changes.


Speaking of iconic characters in gaming, there are few more suited to Fortnite than Metroid’s Samus Aran.

The Power Suit-wearing bounty hunter is already a master of weapons, after all. But if there’s one issue with Metroid in Fortnite, it’s that it’s a Nintendo franchise.

Samus Aran in Fortnite

As of yet, Nintendo hasn’t allowed any of its characters to appear in Fortnite – and we’re certain it’s been discussed. However, Mario content does feature in another Epic Games title: Rocket League.

If Samus ever does appear in Fortnite, she better come alongside a Metroid larva Back Bling.

Persona 5

The Persona franchise has been a personal favorite for years but it truly exploded in popularity with the release of Persona 5.

Joker and the rest of the Phantom Thieves would be excellent additions to the Fortnite roster, and the protagonist himself has even already appeared as a playable fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Persona 5 Characters in Fortnite

With series remake Persona 3 Reload dropping on February 2, 2024, we can only hope that Fortnite and SEGA find a chance to work together.

That’s it for the most popular collaborations we’ve seen requested for Fortnite in 2024. Honorable mentions go to Mortal Kombat and Kingdom Hearts which each also had a few votes.

We can’t wait to see what 2024’s biggest crossover with Epic Games’ Battle Royale turns out to be!

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