Fortnite just got an incredibly powerful single-shot pistol that you need to get your hands on – here’s where to find the Mammoth Pistol!

Epic Games’ Battle Royale is bringing a brand-new weapon to the game in V25.20 and only those who have a steady hand will be able to capitalize on its power.

The Mammoth Pistol is perfect for players who can land shots accurately, dealing devastating power with each shot. As a trade-off, this weapon uses heavy ammo and needs to reload after each shot.

It’s the perfect weapon to engage enemies with… or to definitively finish a fight.

Where to Find Mammoth Pistol in Fortnite

Fortnite players can find the Mammoth Pistol across the entire island in the following locations:

  • As Ground Loot
  • In Chests
  • At Holo-Chests (Keys Required)
  • In Flying Supply Drones at Hot Drops
Where to Find Mammoth Pistol in Fortnite

The Mammoth Pistol is a common spawn, so you shouldn’t have much issue in tracking one down. However there is no definitive way to find one 100% of the time; it is simply the luck of the draw.

Remember, you’ll need heavy ammo to use the sidearm, not the usual light ammo.

How to Use Mammoth Pistol – Tips & Tricks

The Mammoth Pistol is a single-shot weapon, meaning you’ll need to reload it after firing just once. With that in mind, it’s important to make that shot count.

In this clip from MrAppieGaming, we can see that an Epic-tier Mammoth Pistol weapon is capable of doing 179 damage in a single shot, and the gun has incredible range too.

Because of its heavy-hitting nature, the Mammoth Pistol is best-used to engage foes, particularly ones that don’t know your location.

After firing once, and hopefully removing much of your opponent’s shields/HP, immediately switch to a second weapon to finish the job.

Mammoth Pistol Fortnite

Also, be sure to make use of the new Desperate Reload Reality Augment, a perk that causes Pistols to reload faster when their clips are empty.

As the Mammoth Pistol fires only one bullet before being empty, it can make excellent use of the new Augment.

Mammoth Pistol Controls

  • Aim – L2 / LT / ZL / Right Click
  • Fire – R2 / RT / ZR / Left Click
  • Reload – Square / X / Y / R
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