The Lever Shotgun is back from the vault, making its grand return in Fortnite’s V25.20 update. As you gear up for intense close-range battles, this trusty weapon adds a thrilling twist to your arsenal.

This slow firing weapon has been missing from the game since the beginning of Chapter 4 but its return is sure to give players more options on the battlefield.

Let’s dive in so you know how to get your hands on this weapon and the best way to use it in-game!

Where to Find Lever Shotgun in Fortnite

Fortnite players can find the Lever Shotgun scattered across the map in various locations, including:

  • In Ground Loot
  • In Chests
  • At Holo-Chests using Keys
  • In Supply Drones at Hot Spots
Lever Shotgun Fortnite

The Lever Shotgun can be found in all rarities, including as a common spawn, meaning getting your hands on one shouldn’t prove too difficult. However, there is no guaranteed way to find it, and it will rely on luck.

How to Use Lever Shotgun – Tips & Tricks

The Lever Action Shotgun in Fortnite is a close-range, slow-firing shotgun due to the lever needing to be cranked between shots.

Each version of this shotgun has a magazine size of 6 and will have the following damage and reload times:

RarityDamage Per SecondStructure DamageReload Time
Common88.945 6.6 seconds
Uncommon93.2476.3 seconds
Rare98.3506 seconds
Epic103.5535.7 seconds
Legendary108.6555.4 seconds

Like all shotguns, this weapon is best used in close quarters combat. This way, you will be able to get the most out of this gun’s high damage output.

Aiming down sights will make your bullet spread tighter maximizing the damage you deal to enemy players.

Lever Shotgun Controls

  • Aim – L2 / LT / ZL / Right Click
  • Fire – R2 / RT / ZR / Left Click
  • Reload – Square / X / Y / R
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