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Fortnite Air Strike Legendary Item to Be Unvaulted in May 10 Update

According to a reputable leaker, the Fortnite Air Strike item is set to be unvaulted in the May 10 update.

It’s an exciting time to be a Fortnite fan in Chapter 3 Season 2. Not only are players currently getting more incredible Item Shops than ever before, but the game is changing in a big way.

Right now, Star Wars content including Lightsabers and Stormtroopers is taking over the island once again.

And more players can experience it than ever, thanks to Fortnite returning to iPhones via Cloud Gaming!

Epic Games

But even more exciting than Scarlet Witch arriving in Fortnite at last, is the reveal that the Air Strike is coming back.

Fortnite: Where to Find Air Strike & How to Use

The Air Strike is being unvaulted in Fortnite Season 2 and this incredible item is going to cause some chaos.

Whether you’re a fan of No Build or the original Battle Royale, Air Strike is a Legendary item that will quickly remove cover from any area of the map.

Players need only throw the Air Strike canister at a target location for it to create a red cloud in the air. The last time this item appeared, siren sounds accompanied each use, and 20 missiles would then rain down in the area.

The Air Strike is an effective way of bringing enemy targets out into the open, but it’s a rare drop. Don’t expect to find this all-too-often, though it should be available in chests.

Last time the item was here it was easiest acquired from Supply Drops due to its Legendary rarity.

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Fortnite Legendary Air Strike
Epic Games

The news that Air Strike will be returning comes courtesy of leaker ShiinaBR, a user who is rarely incorrect about upcoming content. Supposedly, the item will appear in-game again from May 10 onwards, having been vaulted since August 2019.

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