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Fortnite Leaks Reveal New Charge SMG, Skins, Shuffled Shrines, & More

Leaks from Fortnite’s v21.20 update have revealed new skins, a new weapon, the return of Port-a-Fort, and more within the latest update.

Fortnite is currently in downtime due to a new update coming later this morning. And that means some new leaks have been shared.

Similar to past content updates, things like loot, new skins, possible quests, and more are leaked ahead of the update going live. We’ve seen this plenty of times, like when the v21.10 update arrived a few weeks ago.

And that’s no different now, but many Fortnite players will be excited by some of the new leaks that some users are sharing online.

Fortnite v21.20 Leaks: New Charge SMG, Port-a-Fort Returning, and Sith Holocron

There’s some new loot arriving with Fortnite v21.20, and some returning favorites.

ShiinaBR, one of the most trustworthy leakers for Fortnite, shared that a new SMG will be arriving in Fortnite’s loot pool.

Fortnite Leaks Reveal Unvaulted Port-a-Fort, New Skins, Charge SMG and Sith Holocrons
Epic Games

While not much is known about the weapon yet, we do know that it is called the Charge SMG. If the name is anything to go by, it’ll require being charged up before firing at your enemies.

And while we’re unsure if it’s loot or not yet, Epic Games have added a Sith Holocron to the files with the v21.20 update. They’re strange objects that can only be opened by Dark Side users of the Force and contain information valuable to the Sith.

It’s likely that the Sith Holocron is related to some quests as opposed to being an item that you can actively use. And it definitely relates to Darth Vader being on the Fortnite island.

There’s also the unvaulting of the classic Port-a-Fort. This utility item created a huge fortress when landing, allowing players to take the high ground straight away. The Port-a-Fort hasn’t been seen since Chapter 2 Season 4.

New Fortnite Leaks Reveal Shuffled Shrines POI, Charge SMG, Port-a-Fort and More in v21.20
Epic Games / @ShiinaBR

It’s been confirmed that the Port-a-Fort will be available to use in Zero Build, meaning players can take advantage of using this item.

There are plenty of changes coming in Fortnite’s latest update. Find out what Fortnite’s v21.20 update includes, along with patch notes and more.

Fortnite Leaks Reveal New POI “Shuffled Shrines”, Other POI Changes, & More in v21.20

The Reality Tree has been warping and changing plenty of locations in recent Fortnite updates, and v21.20 is no different.

Sleepy Sound is set to have some changes as the Reality Tree’s roots affect the POI. Apparently, The Daily Bugle is also set to see some changes in the future too. Both of these leaks are according to FortTory.

But the biggest change is the new Shuffled Shrines POI. Tumbledown Temple is no longer a landmark and is having changes, becoming the new POI.

However, the biggest leak teases that a long-awaited Fortnite and Dragon Ball Z collaboration could be coming.

Shuffled Shrines is most likely related to Indiana Jones in Fortnite. And if you need some help with unlocking Indiana Jones in Fortnite, we can help!

Leakers are reporting that Shuffled Shrines will feature traps, which players must avoid to find some loot. It’s clear that there’s a lot of inspiration from Indiana Jones going into Shuffled Shrines.

Fortnite How to Unlock Indiana Jones and Complete All Challenges
Epic Games

A Skate Park is also set to begin building in Fortnite, reportedly being related to the No Sweat Summer event. It is said to be built in the waters near Sanctuary and may be constructed over time.

ShiinaBR says that Epic Games are working on a new “Skate” ability for Fortnite. If the leaks are true, it makes sense to build a skate park for that reason.

But before you check out the new skins within the recent leak, find out whether Fortnite and Thor: Love and Thunder will get collaboration skins.

Fortnite Leak Reveals New Item Shop Cosmetics, Skins, a Galaxy Cup Skin, & More

Of course, Fortnite leakers have been revealing new skins and cosmetics that are arriving in v21.20.

Reliable leakers such as ShiinaBR, iFireMonkey, XTigerHyperX, and more have been showing some of the cosmetics.

There are some new loading screens, wraps, and bundles of skins that feature some fashionable tracksuits.

Alongside those, ShiinaBR is reporting that a new skin could relate to an upcoming new Galaxy Cup. And the new skin is likely the reward.

Not only that, but ShiinaBR believes a new skin called “Xander” is said to be a reward for a “Refer-a-Friend” event.

Fortnite Leak Reveals New Galaxy Cup Skin, New Charge SMG, New POI and Changes, and More
Epic Games / @ShiinaBR

Interestingly, there also seems to be a new “Badge” set that relates to Chapter 1 of Fortnite. It’s unclear whether these are loyalty-type rewards or an Item Shop purchase.

New cosmetics are always great, but could Stranger Things be returning to Fortnite soon?

And while you’re here, check out all of the Peely variants in Fortnite and how to unlock them!

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