A new leak has revealed that a Dragon Ball Z collaboration could be coming soon to Fortnite.

Recently, Fortnite went down for scheduled maintenance for an upcoming content update. And that means fans are eagerly waiting for news and leaks.

And one of the biggest topics of discussion is future collaborations. Epic Games are known to collaborate with plenty of IPs, like Naruto Rivals!, Scarlet Witch, and they’ve made Darth Vader a boss in Fortnite too.

But one of the most anticipated collaborations is a Fortnite x Dragon Ball Z bundle. And it seems that a new leak possibly confirms its existence.

New Fortnite Creative Pickup Seems to Confirm Dragon Ball Z Collaboration

According to reliable leaker ShiinaBR, a Dragon Ball Z collaboration could be finally arriving in Fortnite.

ShiinaBR began by sharing an image of a new Creative Pickup. The item, which resembles a Hoi-Poi capsule from Dragon Ball, appears to be emblasened with the Capsule Corporation logo.

In the Dragon Ball universe, these capsules are capable of storing objects, including huge buildings or supplies, inside themselves. Then, when the button on the top is pressed and the capsule is tossed, all its contents will emerge in an instant.

UPDATE: The Dragon Ball x Fortnite Release Date Has Been Revealed!

Fortnite Leak Reveals Dragon Ball Z-inspired Creative Pickup

ShiinaBR continued by saying “Last year, I was made aware of a possible Dragon Ball collaboration in Fortnite, but until today, there hasn’t been much news about it.”

UPDATE: 3 of the 4 Dragon Ball x Fortnite skins have been revealed in a new leak!

Currently, this isn’t much to go by. But considering Epic Games is known to collaborate with plenty of IPs, it’s no surprise that a Dragon Ball Z one could be coming.

Hopefully, fans of Fortnite and Dragon Ball Z can be slightly more excited. And while you should take this with a pinch of salt, we’re hopeful that a collaboration will arrive.

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