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Fortnite Leak Finally Reveals Weapon Mods

Finally, a Fortnite leak has revealed the existence of weapon mods after weeks of speculation around their testing.

Fortnite players have been pining for weapon mods for a very long time. The anticipation for their addition to the game has been boiling high recently, and recent leaks offer reason to believe they'll be coming very soon.

It's a great time for their addition to Fortnite, as even more customization options flood into the game. The new Members Only emote has been introduced, plus there's been a leak regarding a new Kevin the Cube skin.

Fortnite weapon mods leak
Fortnite Season 5's Colossal Colosseum

In December, it was revealed by popular leaker HYPEX that mods were being tested by Epic Games, but didn't offer much information as to how they might work. People believed him regardless, and excitement reached an all-time high.

Now, HYPEX has returned to Twitter to show his newest findings and new details that show exactly how these mods work.

Fortnite's Weapon Mod Leak

On Twitter, HYPEX first revealed the potential for weapon mods in December, saying;

"We might get a new weapons mechanic at some point, Epic started testing a new thing called "Weapon Mod Slots" lately and it seems like it gives the weapon abilities/ attachments."

@HYPEX on Twitter

Fans became excited ahead of time, as this was a feature many fans have been pining after for a very long time. It's taken a while for Fortnite to catch up with this trend, as many fellow battle royale games already use weapon mods.

Fans have been so excited that they've made some mockups already. Here's FortniteBRFeed's weapon mods concept art:

fortnite weapon mods leak
@FortniteBRFeed's weapon mods concept art

How Fortnite Weapons Mods Work

On January 16th, HYPEX tweeted again;

"- You can add the mod & drop it anytime, it's planned to be an item
- Weapons have specific valid mods that work with them (based on this function'PrintValidWeaponMods'
- Weapons have multiple mod slots"

@HYPEX on Twitter

From this leak, it looks like Fortnite will use weapons mods in a similar way to the game APEX Legends. APEX uses a system of weapon mods assigned to weapons of a particular ammo type, with some recon attachments being interchangeable.

apex legends fortnite weapon mod leak
APEX Legends' weapon attachment system

There will also be mods specific to each gun, offering more specialized buffs, once again similar to APEX. Double-tap pump shotgun, maybe?

HYPEX was also able to reveal code that implies we'll get to see some saved weapon mod templates. This means that players will be able to combine their favorite weapons and mods ahead of time. This means it's possible we could see a "create a class" system introduced to some Fortnite game modes.

It's likely this will come into play in specialized game modes other than the straightforward battle royale mode, but it's still a great addition to promote customization in-game.

Weapon mods are bound to make a brilliant addition to Fortnite, helping players build their new favorite weapons. It's a good time for them too, with the latest Fortnite Predator challenges taking place across the island.

At least it's more stable than Warzone seems right now. Warzone Tracker apps have been broken by Activision privacy changes, and glitches are forcing helicopters to explode.

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