Key Points
Completion Time:
25-30 minutes
XP & Twilight Mosaic Weapon Wrap
Must Haves:
Play with friends or in a public lobby

The Fortnite Lantern Fest is back and it is giving players the chance to earn a free cosmetic item and a ton of XP by completing a bunch of challenges.

These challenges are all completed in the creative map “Lantern Fest Tour” which was designed to celebrate Ramadan!

Fortnite Lantern Fest Tour Island Code

To access the Lantern Fest Tour Island, players can find the map using the following code: 3691-9667-3697.

Players can choose to enter into the map solo, with friends or into a public lobby. However, if you enter solo, there will be challenges you will be unable to complete as they require two or more players.

How to Complete Fortnite Lantern Fest Tour Quest

There are currently three quests players must complete in the Lantern Fest Quest category:

By completing all three, you will earn a lot of XP and a new weapon wrap for your guns. And once you have done so, why don’t you check out some other amazing Fortnite Creative maps!

Lantern Tour Quests

Complete Challenges at Lantern Fest Tour

The easiest way to complete challenges at Lantern Fest Tour is to finish all three Cozy Court tasks and complete the two Race Rumble challenges.

There are three challenges to complete at Cozy Court:

  • Deliver Pizza Three Times
    • Enter the centre building and head to the purple screen to start a pizza delivery.
    • Simply deliver the pizza to the tent number provided.
    • The tents can be found around the circular pool of water in the centre.
  • Score a football goal.
    • Head up the stairs onto the football pitch and run into the ball to shoot it towards the net.
  • Put Fruits On Iftar Table 3 Times
    • The Iftar table can be located across from Parkour Paradise.
    • Around the table, search for pink balloons that have coconuts attached.
    • Grab the coconuts and interact with the correct metal tray to place the coconuts down.
Fortnite Lantern Fest Cozy Court Challenges

For Race Rumble, the two challenges are fairly simple:

  • Win a race.
  • Participate twice in a race.

Once you have completed both of these challenges, you will have finished the “Complete four challenges at Lantern Tour Fest” quest!

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Solve a Lantern Puzzle at Lantern Fest Tour

The quickest and easiest lantern puzzle to solve is simply turning all the lanterns on. Here is where you can find all ten lanterns:

  • #1 – On the centre platform at spawn
    • Head up the stairs towards the challenge board to find the lantern on the right.
Fortnite Lantern Fest Lantern Location 1
  • #2 – East of Bounty Boulevard
    • Enter the park through the east entrance.
    • Follow the path until you reach an opening in the hedge on your right.
    • Here you will find a lantern.
Fortnite Lantern Fest Lantern Location 2
  • #3 – Entrance of Flawless Fashion
    • After finding the first lantern, continue to the large red and white building.
    • The lantern will be found outside.
Fortnite Lantern Fest Lantern Location 3
  • #4 – Entrance to Slippery Slide
    • Follow the path to the west of Flawless Fashion.
    • The lantern will be located at the boardwalk entrance to Slippery Slide.
Fortnite Lantern Fest Lantern Location 4
  • #5 – Entrance to Parkour Paradise
    • Continue to follow the path, turning left at Marvelous Maze.
    • The lantern will be located at the entrance of Parkour Paradise.
Fortnite Lantern Fest Lantern Location 5
  • #6 – Entrance of Marvelous Maze
    • Head back to Marvelous Maze.
    • The lantern is found to the right of the entrance.
Fortnite Lantern Fest Lantern Location 6
  • #7 – Upper level of Cozy Court
    • Continue to follow the path in the same direction until you reach Cozy Court.
    • Head up the stairs to the right of the Slap Juice store.
    • The lantern will be found immediately in front of you.
Lantern 7
  • #8 – In Slap Juice store
    • Head back down to the Slap Juice store to find the lantern on the counter to the right.
Lantern 8
  • #9 – In Race Rumble
    • Enter the Race Rumble area to find the lantern to the right next to the board stating the rules.
Lantern 9
  • #10 – In Furious Fighters
    • Walk behind Flawless Fashion to find Furious Fighters.
    • Enter the stone structure to find the lantern to the right of the well.
Lantern 10

Complete Fortnite Lantern Fest Quests

This bonus goal will be completed as you finish the other two challenges. This is because you will have completed three quests by finishing the other two:

  • Turning all ten lanterns on.
  • Completing Cozy Court Challenges
  • Completing Race Rumble Challenges.

For completing the bonus objective, you will earn the Twilight Mosaic Weapon Wrap, which you can apply to your weapons!

Twilight Mosaic wrap

Make sure to test out your brand new weapon wrap by attempting to take down the Highcard Boss! You may need some tips to taking down this strong AI enemy!

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