The Fortnite Lantern Fest continues, and as part of the Lantern Fest map challenges, players will need to solve the yellow lantern puzzle.

A new puzzle will become available each week, and players can now complete the yellow lantern puzzle in the game.

Fortnite Lantern Fest Tour Island Code

Of course, to complete this puzzle, you will need to enter the island map, and you can do so by using the following map code: 3691-9667-3697.

Once you have the code, you can enter solo, with friends, or join a random public lobby. However, some in-map challenges require multiple players to be in the game.

Completing these in-map challenges will also let you earn a new weapon wrap which you can equip to make them shine!

Fortnite Lantern Fest: Yellow Lantern Puzzle Location

To solve the yellow lantern puzzle, go to Cozy Court and to the right of the “Fish Stick” store to find a yellow tent.

Enter the tent and press the “Interact” button to enter the puzzle. These will be the buttons on your chosen platform:

  • PlayStation: Square
  • Xbox: X
  • PC: E
Yellow Lantern Puzzle location

How to Solve Fortnite Yellow Lantern Puzzle

Once you have entered the puzzle, you will only have 30 seconds to complete the task. You will need to use the bow you are given to light up the torches in the correct order.

You must light the torches in front of the fruit images in the following sequence:

  • Banana – 2nd Torch
  • Pineapple – 5th Torch
  • Mango – 4th Torch
  • Orange – 1st Torch
  • Grape – 3rd Torch

Once all torches have been lit in this order, the puzzle will be completed, and the player will be rewarded with a ton of XP.

Yellow Lantern Puzzle Fortnite

If you want to complete this puzzle with friends while on the same console, you must know how to play split screen in Fortnite!

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