Fortnite has a brand-new map to enjoy but major lag spikes and server issues are plaguing Chapter 4 Season 1.

If you’re dropping into the new Chapter 4 update, you might be facing a few technical difficulties. It seems that despite this Chapter being a lot of fun, it’s not without its problems.

Right now, players are reporting latency issues, lag spikes, and minor stutter in Fortnite. And there’s even one particularly nasty glitch that takes away the ability to sprint entirely!

The Ageless holding an Ex-Caliber Rifle

Here’s what players are reporting:

Poor Performance & Lagging in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

In a popular new post on the FortniteBR subreddit, fans share their issues with the Battle Royale this season.

In a showcased clip, one player shows a clip of their recent game from Chapter 4 Season 1. In it, the user is clearly shot by an enemy player, even after they’ve moved behind cover.

Other fans of the game report similar issues.

“I thought I was the only one,” Reddit user Rumpelstiltskin-2001 writes. “Everything I’m in a fight and I’m close to dying (less than 30HP) my game lags and I die.”

The user claims that they usually don’t even see the final shot getting fired before they’re downed.

What’s more, multiple reports indicate that coming into close proximity with other players is causing lag, particularly in heavily-populated areas. One user even reports being able to use their game’s lag to determine when other players are nearby, giving themselves a tactical advantage.

Best Fixes to Stop Fortnite Lagging

If you’re having some issues with Fortnite lag this season, here are a few fixes that may help matters.

  • Turn down your Graphics Settings in the options menu (Settings – Video) if you’re on PC. It seems that this season’s graphical boost means that even powerful rigs are struggling to run the game on High or Ultra.
  • Also a PC-only fix, try verifying your files by opening the Epic Games launcher, heading to your Library, clicking the ‘…’ and then choosing Manage, and Verify.
How to Verify Fortnite Files PC
  • Although the lag is often server-side, make sure you’re using a wired connection with an ethernet cable, rather than relying on WiFi, for the best possible performance.
  • PC users can also update their graphics drivers to ensure their PCs are optimized for the new Fortnite Chapter.

Ultimately though, the fault seems to lie with Epic Games this time around, and we’ll need to wait for a fix to arrive. Performance issues aren’t uncommon at the start of a new Chapter, so hopefully the developer has a handle on it soon.

Particularly as we just got the release date for My Hero Academia in Fortnite – and it’s very soon!

Speaking of upcoming skins, don’t miss out on claiming Geralt of Rivia this season!

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