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Fortnite: How to Defeat and Get the Predator Skin

The Predator has finally come to Fortnite as a skin and an NPC; here's what you need to know to beat him.

The 'Hunters' season of Fortnite has offered a lot of interesting and fun challenges for players to complete and master. The game's welcomed some great new tasks, but for some, the most important part of all of it is the skins.

Season Five has brought an incredible roster of playable characters to the game. Star Wars' The Mandalorian made a big splash along with his Baby Yoda back bling in particular.

Kratos, Master Chief, and more have been available to you for just enough V-Bucks.

fortnite season five
Fortnite Season Five

But a new licensed character is coming very soon and marks a wave of new hunters from '80s action properties.

The Predator in Fortnite

That's right, The Predator from the 1987 action classic will be dropping out of the Battle Bus very soon.

Some Predator-themed challenges have been keeping players busy, but it won't be very long until you can get your hands on the skin itself.

A leak from data miner HYPEX have revealed two Predator skins; one with their helmet, and one without it. The beast also has its own harvesting tool, back bling and special emote, too.

The emote is particularly fascinating, as it allows players to switch between the two skin variants in-game. This is a rather unique element to the skin and a welcome addition for such an iconic character.

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How To Find & Defeat Predator in Fortnite

Of course, the Predator isn't only present in the game in skin form. No, it also appears as a boss NPC.

The Predator is a mighty tough opponent, so you're going to need to rally a squad to take them down. Don't worry though; they'll be dropping an item to make it worth your while.

The Predator boss NPC carries a brand new item called The Predator Cloak Device. This remarkable piece of kit will make any player using it entirely invisible, which is sure to give you the immediate upper-hand in those tough firefights.

But it definitely isn't going to be easy to obtain.

You can find the beast at Stealthy Stronghold. They will be cloaked and patrolling the area, so have a good look around. You'll know it's nearby when you begin to hear battle music play.

fortnite stealthy stronghold
Stealthy Stronghold

The Predator might be one of Fortnite's most difficult bosses yet. They will use the cloaking device against you, utilize their high HP, and deal immense damage to you and your teammates.

The monster's melee attacks sees him lunge three times, dealing 20, 20, and 30 damage subsequently. Plus, to make things worse, it can deal even bigger environmental damage, at 100, 100, and 200 damage with each attack.

Which means, yes, The Predator can one-shot you. And it will.

The best way to defeat the Predator is to fight in a team, and be sure to stash some shields and medkits too. Try to keep your distance from it, as its melee attacks are truly lethal.

Predator loading screen
The Predator loading screen

The Predator will do a lot of this cloaked, only barely visible. Your moment to strike is when its cloak vanishes.

Once it is entirely visible, unload every round, grenade, and rocket at your disposal into him. Do this a couple of times, and you'll topple the boss. Phew.

How to Get Predator Skin in Fortnite

Well, this part is actually pretty simple. It's not entirely obvious how to attain the skin as it isn't officially released yet; but the clues we've been left suggest he's simply purchasable from Fortnite's in-game shop.

He's a simple unlock for certain, but his associated achievements are not. For the true badge of honor, you're going to have to kill The Predator. If it bleeds...

This isn't the only '80s action villain coming to Fortnite soon, though. A new leaked trailer teases the arrival of another sci-fi icon to the game.

Plus there's even more content coming to Fortnite too, in case this simply wasn't enough goodness for you. Leaks have shown that fan-favorite vehicles will be returning, and weapon mods are soon to be introduced.

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