Fortnite’s Attack on Titan collaboration continues to expand, and now a vital location from the anime has arrived in the game, the Jaeger Family Basement.

Those who do not know should be aware that this location reveals the secrets of the Titans and sets the stage for the events of the series.

Part of the Eren Yeager challenges in the Fortnite Battle Pass involves discovering this key area from the anime.

Where Is the Jaeger Family Basement in Fortnite?

The Jaeger Family Basement can be found in the Anvil Square point of interest. The basement is underneath the house on the southwest of this location.

Fortnite jaeger Family Basement location

You will find the entrance to the basement on the east side of the building. From here, you need to descend down a flight of stairs and open a wooden door.

Players will need to be careful in this area, as a ton of players will drop. This is because they are also trying to complete the Eren Yeager challenges in the game.

Eren Yeager is not the only Attack on Titan character to feature in Fortnite, with Mikasa and Levi having new store bundles!

Stairs to Basement

What Is in the Jaeger Family Basement?

In the Jaeger Family Basement, players can expect to find a bunch of items that may help them win the game. These will possibly include the following:

  • Ground Loot
  • Regular Chest
  • A guaranteed Scout Regiment Footlocker
Inside of the Fortnite jaeger Family Basement

The guaranteed Scout Regiment Footlocker will be extremely helpful as this will award players with one of two powerful items:

Find the Jaeger’s Family Basement Quest Not Completing

Fortnite has confirmed that the “Find the Jaeger’s Family Basement in Anvil Square” mission is bugged and will not complete for some users.

Currently, only players who have purchased the battle pass can complete the quest without issue.

A patch is being worked on to fix the issue and we’ll update this article when it’s live.

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