Fortnite fans have long enjoyed music crossovers with famous artists like Travis Scott and Ariana Grande getting their own in-game skins; now, the buzz is all about Lana Del Rey potentially joining the lineup.

An intriguing image circulating online has ignited anticipation, but players are left wondering if this rumored skin is a genuine leak or simply a hoax.

Join us as we delve into the reliability of the popular image and the future of Lana Del Rey within the Fortnite universe.

Is Lana Del Rey Coming to Fortnite?

As of now, Lana Del Rey is not coming to Fortnite.

A misleading tweet by user Honeymoun, featuring concept art of the singer as part of the “Icon Series” in the Item Shop has sparked excitement among Fortnite players worldwide.

The caption on the tweet stating it is “now available” and for the “price of 1,500 V-Bucks” has also left fans assuming this was real.

It’s worth noting that the image provided in the tweet is only concept art and not an in-game asset.

Nevertheless, the artwork by portraying Lana Del Rey as a part of the game is impressive. The “realness” of the image has understandably led fans to believe it might be genuine.

Will Lana Del Rey Ever Come to Fortnite?

At the moment, nothing suggests a Lana Del Rey x Fortnite crossover is in the works. However, as we have seen with previous collabs, never say never.

For now, fans of both Fortnite and Lana can only wish for a collaboration to happen in the near future.

If the reactions from fans in the tweet are anything to go by, this partnership would certainly be a successful one with one user even stating they would never wear another skin other than Lana Del Rey’s.

Meanwhile, another player commented tagging the developers to “make it happen.”

Even among the singer’s fans, there are those who claim that this crossover could entice them to delve into the world of Fortnite, despite not being regular players.

Only time will tell if this concept art, that sparked a ton of excitement will eventually become a reality.

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