The Postcard Tour Trials are available to complete in Fortnite and the first challenge tasks the player with locating a Masked Warrior made from light.

The new Postcard Tour challenges are riddles players must solve to unearth a location. The mystery area can be tricky to decipher, but we have found it.

Completing the quests can earn players a ton of XP which will help them unlock those Battle Pass items quicker.

Where to Find the Masked Warrior in Fortnite

Players can find the Masked Warrior in the east part of Mega City. As they approach the location, a giant hologram of the warrior will come into view.

The bridge, which connects the central building to the east of the city, displays the hologram on top.

Fortnite Masked Warrior location

After finding this spot, players must dance on top of the hologram projector to complete the second part of this task.

The projector is found on top of the bridge and is shaped like a circle. Use an emote while standing on top of this to finish the challenge.

Once you have completed both of these quests, you can do the next part of the Postcard Tour in the same game, where you will need to find the location of “These Boats Bring Cargo.” Fortunately, they are close by.

Fortnite Masked Warrior projector

Mega City is one of the most popular POIs that players land at. This means you will need to be careful of other gamers.

We suggest you loot up by obtaining weapons and full shields before attempting to traverse to this location.

Luckily, Mega City is filled with grind rails, making it easy to travel around this area.

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