Are you ready to enter the Temple of Doom? Find out how to unlock the famous Indiana Jones in Fortnite and complete all challenges too.

Fortnite has so many collaborations now, that it’s hard to keep track. You’ve got Darth Vader as a boss and a Battle Pass skin, Scarlet Witch recently arrived, and plenty more.

In fact, people even create concepts for collaborations, bringing characters like Vecna from Stranger Things as a Fortnite skin.

And while we’ve known about Indiana Jones being in Fortnite since the start of Chapter 3 Season 3, we’ve been patiently waiting for him to become available.

Thankfully, the wait is over. Here’s how you can complete all of the challenges and unlock Indiana Jones in Fortnite.

Fortnite Indiana Jones How to Unlock and All Quests

How to Unlock Indiana Jones in Fortnite

To unlock Indiana Jones in Fortnite, players must complete the following four quests:

  • Use Grapple Glove to swing off trees – Raider’s Relics Pickaxe
  • Damage Opponents while riding in or standing on a vehicle – Rogue Archaeology Wrap
  • Search chests at Shifty Shafts – Banner Icon
  • Collect the Durrburger Relic from The Temple and The Ruins in a single match – Expedition Bag Back Bling

After completing these tasks, players will also be able to complete the following missions, each with their own rewards:

  • Find the secret door past the main chamber in Shuffled Shrines – Indy’s Dustoff Emote
  • Stash an item of Mythic or Exotic rarity in a Tent – Indy’s Escape Spray
  • Make Runaway Boulders roll for 100 meters in a match – Doctor Jones Emoji
  • Damage opponents with Pistols – First Misadventure Loading Screen
  • Finish top 5 in a match – Emergency Raft Glider

Finish all of the quests and you’ll unlock a special skin variant for Indiana Jones.

Where to Find the Durrburger Relic

To find the Durrburger Relic for Indiana Jones’ missions, you’ll need to visit both The Temple and The Ruins, located below:

Where to Find the Durrburger Relic

You’ll need to head to the two locations on the map above within one match, and pick up the Durrburger Relic.

Fortunately, when you arrive at the locations, they’re marked on your HUD with an exclamation mark.

Where to Collect the Durrburger Relic in Fortnite

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