Here’s where to find a Ripsaw launcher and how to knock down Timber Pines with one in Fortnite.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 is in full flow, and there are a number of new challenges to complete alongside Week 4. Each Thursday, Epic Games reveals a new array of missions for players to take on, with extra XP for completing each one.

Handling each task is particularly important as Fortnite fans have been complaining about low XP this season.

Some even believe that Epic Games is making things harder in order to sell more Battle Pass tiers!

But thankfully, a new XP injection just arrived with the debut of the Week 4 missions. And if you’re having trouble completing them, we’ve got just the thing to help out.

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Fortnite Where to Find a Ripsaw Launcher

The best place to find a Ripsaw Launcher for the new Fortnite Week 4 missions is in the Chop Shop POI. This is situated to the North of the Fortnite island, following the road up from Logjam Lotus.

Chop Shop is the only place on the island to have guaranteed spawns, although you can also find the rare weapon as a drop from chests or supply drops. The Ripsaw Launchers are freely available on the Chop Shop walls as shown below.

But once you’ve got your new Ripsaw Launcher, how do you use it to knock down Timber Pines?

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Fortnite Where to Find a Ripsaw Launcher

Fortnite: Where to Find Timber Pines Locations

Head to Logjam Lotus, just Southwest from Chop Shop, and you’ll find Timber Pines in plentiful supply.

Here’s what Timber Pines look like in Fortnite so you know what to knock down!

What Do Fortnite Timber Pines Look Like

Fortnite: How & Where to Knock Down Timber Pines – Week 4 Missions

To knock down a Timber Pine, simply fire your sawblades at them, or get up close and hold down fire to use the blade to chop them up manually.

You’ll need to knock down 5 Timber Pines this way to complete your Fortnite Weekly Challenge!

And could another exciting collab be coming back to Fortnite soon? This new Vecna Fortnite skin certainly has Stranger Things fans excited.

Thanks to Perfect Score for showing us a complete video guide on how to knock down Timer Pines with a Ripsaw Launcher! Check it out below:

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