Hiring specialists in Fortnite is a great way to get the upper hand on your opponents, and players can give commands to these NPCs.

Now as part of the Spring Breakout challenges, players are able to give these NPCs commands to complete a task and earn some XP in the process.

Every Hired Specialist Location in Fortnite

To hire a specialist, you will, of course need to know where to find them on the map. There are a total of 8 Hired Specialists.

You will also need between 200 to 300 gold bars to hire a specialist, and here is where you can locate them:

  1. Garrison – Southwest on the map
  2. Sludge – Steamy Springs
  3. RemedyTower southwest of Slappy Shores
  4. Polar PatrollerWest of frozen lake near Brutal Bastion
  5. Insight – Northwest of Brutal Bastion, near the unnamed building in the snow
  6. Munitions Expert – Breakwater Bay
  7. Longshot Tower on the west coast, west of The Citadel
  8. Triage TrooperSoutheast of Lonely Labs

Of course, having a specialist on your side will certainly help you win more games but you will also need to know which guns are the best in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2!

How to Give Command to a Hired Specialist in Fortnite

After hiring your specialist, you will be able to see button prompt appear in the top left corner. Pressing this button will then bring up a command menu.

You can use the following controls to open this menu in Fortnite to give a command:

  • PlayStation: Left on D-Pad
  • Xbox: Left on D-Pad
  • PC: Middle mouse button
Button to give commands fortnite

Once opened, you will have two sets of requests to choose from to control you

  • Follower Comms:
    • Wait
    • Follow
    • Move
    • Revive
  • Requests:
    • Need Weapon
    • Need Meds
    • Need Shields
Fortnite command options

If you are looking to finish some other challenges in Fortnite to earn rewards or XP, you can check these following guides for help:

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