Almost three years after the first leak hinted at the Family Guy character coming to the game, Peter Griffin is now in Fortnite.

Some collabs just seem too ridiculous to ever happen, and Family Guy x Fortnite is one of them. But despite our reservations, Epic Games has done the unthinkable and brought Family Guy’s Peter Griffin to the Battle Royale.

Here’s how to unlock him, his two alternate styles, and all the other content from the popular adult animation.

How to Get Peter Griffin Skin

To get the Peter Griffin skin in Fortnite, players must purchase the Big Bang Battle Pass and reach level 70 in Chapter 5 Season 1. The skin will then be available to purchase for 9 Battle Stars.

Peter Griffin will be exclusive to the Chapter 5 Season 1 Battle Pass, and can therefore never return to the Fortnite Item Shop.

Peter Griffin in Fortnite Big Bang Battle Pass

Epic Games could, in theory, release a variant of a Battle Pass skin, such as their Spider-Man Zero Outfit, but it is very unlikely that this will happen with Peter. After all, fans have been demanding the return of Rick Sanchez, Darth Vader, Carnage, and more for some time – all to no avail.

But why does Peter look a little different from his usual appearance?

Why Isn’t Peter Griffin Fat?

A very rude question, but one that’s pretty understandable. In Fortnite ‘lore,’ Peter Griffin isn’t fat as he drank Slurp Juice which expired in 2021.

This was shown in the Fortnite x Family Guy short below, in which Peter takes fitness advice from Meowscles.

In reality, Epic Games probably worried about the logistics of giving the Family Guy character too large a hitbox.

Although larger skins, such as Venom or Hulk, do exist in Fortnite, there may be fewer players willing to run around as a big, fat guy. Personally, we think Epic took the coward’s way out – give us regular Peter Griffin!

How to Unlock All Family Guy Items

  • Piñata Brian (Back Bling) – Level 66 in the Battle Pass
Pinata Brian in Fortnite
  • Petervision (Spray) – Level 66 in the Battle Pass
Petervision in Fortnite
  • The Scratcher (Pickaxe) – Level 66 in the Battle Pass
Butt Scratcher in Fortnite
  • Wacky Wavers (Contrail) – Level 70 in the Battle Pass
Wacky Wavers Contrail in Fortnite
  • Rabbit Ears (Wrap) – Level 70 in the Battle Pass
Rabbit Ears Wrap in Fortnite
  • Peter Griffin (Outfit) – Level 70 in the Battle Pass
Peter Griffin in Fortnite Battle Pass
  • Gold Plated Peter Griffin (Outfit Style) – Bonus Rewards Page 2
Gold Plated Peter Griffin in Fortnite
  • Fancy Peter Griffin (Outfit Style) – Bonus Rewards Page 2 (Both variants are included)
Fancy Peter Griffin in Fortnite
  • Surfin’ Bird (Emote) – Bonus Rewards Page 3
Surfin Bird Emote in Fortnite
  • Clip Show Carry-All (Back Bling) – Bonus Rewards Page 4
Family Guy Clip Show in Fortnite
  • Petercopter (Glider) – Quest Rewards Page 2 (Coming in Season)
Petercopter in Fortnite
  • Hehehehehehe (Emoticon) – Quest Rewards Page 2 (Coming in Season)
Peter Hehehehe Emoticon in Fortnite

Those looking to obtain all of the new Family Guy items in Fortnite will have their work cut out for them!

Not only does the basic Peter Griffin skin require a grind to Level 70, but the alternate styles, Surfin’ Bird Emote, and the leaked Clip Show Carry-All Back Bling are all Bonus Rewards that can only be obtained after reaching Tier 100!

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