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Fortnite: How to Get 3 Seconds of Air Time in a Land Vehicle – Week 3 Missions

One of the Fortnite Week 3 missions instructs players to get 3 seconds of air time in a land vehicle. Here’s the easiest way to complete it!

If you’re trying to work through your Week 3 missions, chances are you’re struggling with one in particular.

In the third week of Vibin’ (AKA Chapter 3 Season 3), players need to take any land vehicle for a ride in the air. But how exactly is this possible?

We’ve got the best way to accomplish this task and earn some easy XP below! Meanwhile, if you’re on the grind, be sure to check out our guide on completing the Fortnite Battle Pass fast!

This season has been a slow one for XP thus far. And some players even claim that Epic Games is pushing fans to buy Battle Pass tiers with low XP gains.

Where to Get 3 Seconds of Air Time in a Land Vehicle in Fortnite Season 3

In order to finish this mission quickly, simply head to the gas station just East of Reality Falls. Land on the marker shown below and grab a car from the station.

Where to Get 3 Seconds of Air Time in a Land Vehicle Fortnite
Fortnite Events

Then, simply drive a few feet along the road leading South. After just a few seconds, you should spot a Water Geyser.

Park your car on top of the Geyser located here, which will erupt soon afterward. Remain inside the vehicle and prepare for liftoff!

Geyser Location Fortnite
Fortnite Events

And just like that, you’ll have 3 seconds of air time in a land vehicle, completing your Week 3 mission!

Next up, here’s where to find all diving boards in Fortnite to complete another of this week’s quests.

Fortnite How to Get 3 Seconds of Air Time in a Land Vehicle - Week 3 Missions
Fortnite Events

But you won’t need a Geyser to fly around the map most of the time! Just head to these Grapple Glove locations on the Fortnite Season 3 map and you’ll soon be swinging around in style.

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Thanks to Fortnite Events on YouTube for showing us this quick and easy way to catch air time in a land vehicle! Check out the channel’s full video guide below:

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