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Fortnite: How to Easily Destroy Structures With a Baller

Here is how players can easily destroy structures with a Baller to complete their Fortnite Weekly Quests.

Being able to complete quests is a necessity for anyone looking to obtain Darth Vader this season from the Fortnite battle pass.

At first, destroying structures with a Baller may seem troublesome, but there is actually a very easy trick to completing it.

This will allow you to complete the quest in one match and before the circle even manages to close.

Fortnite Baller Quest
Epic Games

How to Use a Baller to Destroy Structures in Fortnite

To destroy a structure with a Baller, you’ll need to boost into some of the more fragile items scattered around in Fortnite.

Ballers aren’t able to destroy structures as easily as other vehicles. They aren’t able to destroy much besides wood or small objects.

Thankfully, Reddit user BMLM found an easy way to complete this quest in one go. Just follow these steps:

  • Land at the top of Rave Cave and pick up a Baller. If there are other players, don’t panic! Head straight for a Baller while they loot.
  • Head towards the west end of Reality Falls, towards Meowscles’ home. You can destroy any wooden fences along the way to complete the quest even more quickly.
Meowscles House
Epic Games
  • Destroy one of the walls with your pickaxe or weapon.
  • Head inside the house and start boosting!

You should get the complete quest pop-up relatively quick! Once you’re done with that, you can head back and finish any recent Fortnite No Sweat Summer Event quests for some cool rewards!

One of them involves hopping on a boat and completing a race circuit! It’s worth checking these quests out because they reward you with some sweet back bling.

Also, if you find yourself getting into too many battles in these areas, check out our Fortnite Weapon Tier List to get an idea of what weapons are worth bringing along to a fight!

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