One of the Nolan Chance missions that’s giving Fortnite players the most trouble is the request to Deploy a Scanner in the Vault. Here’s how it’s done:

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 is all about heists, and for this mission you’ll need to pull one off.

Despite the mission asking players to deploy a scanner, you don’t actually need anything special before beginning the heist.

Deploy a Scanner in the Vault Fortnite Mission

How to Deploy a Scanner in the Vault in Fortnite

To ‘Deploy a Scanner in the Vault’ for Nolan Chance’s Snapshot mission, you simply need to make it inside the Eclipsed Estate, Relentless Retreat, or Sanguine Suites vault.

Then, interact with the white Scanner outline to deploy the tool.

Deploying a Scanner in the Vault in Fortnite
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It doesn’t matter which vault you make your way inside for this mission, and we’ve got guides to help you inside each one here:

Our walkthrough below will be for the Relentless Retreat vault, which is potentially the easiest one to get inside:

Deploy a Scanner in the Vault Guide

  • First, drop in and land on the ground floor of the Relentless Retreat POI
Relentless Retreat Location in Fortnite
  • Head inside and immediately go downstairs
  • Either eliminate or run past the AI guards and turrets on your way to the basement
Finding the Relentless Retreat Vault
  • On the bottom floor, just before a laser tripwire grid, you’ll find a white-clothed guard. This is the only AI you’ll need to eliminate to get access to the vault.
White Clothes Enemy Has the Keycard in Fortnite
  • Once you’ve eliminated the guard, grab his Retreat Vault Keycard (you’ll need a free weapon slot to pick it up).
  • Then, carefully make your way past the laser tripwires – or run through them and use your Harvesting Tool to destroy the Security Gate that will drop upon triggering one.
Lasers Leading to Relentless Retreat Vault Door
  • Use the Keycard at the terminal ahead to open the Relentless Retreat vault. The door will take a few seconds to open.
  • Then, interact with the white scanner outline in the center of the room to deploy a scanner in the vault!

It’s as simple as that! Now grab your preferred Mythic weapon and get out of there!

The good news is that another player can open the vault for you and the quest will still be available to complete. A solid strategy to complete this quest could be to approach a vault later in the game, once it’s less contested.

Then you’ll be able to simply walk in the front door and deploy a scanner in the vault without dealing with guards, turrets, or enemy players.

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