Fortnite players looking to take part in the game’s birthday celebrations need to know how to dance with characters in different matches.

It’s time for Fortnite’s annual birthday party and this time the game is turning 6 years old. As part of the festivities, players will be able to complete a series of Birthday Quests and get some easy Battle Pass XP.

One of the quests calls for players to ‘Dance with Characters in Different Matches’ of Fortnite. Here’s how to complete it:

How to Dance With Characters in Fortnite

To dance with characters in Fortnite, simply find an NPC anywhere on the map and use the emote wheel (Down on the D-Pad or B on Keyboard) to select a dance emote.

This will cause the AI to dance along with your character.

To complete the Birthday Quest, you’ll need to dance with characters in two separate matches. However, you can easily drop in, dance with a character, then quit out of the match and load into a new one to complete the quest quickly.

How to Dance With Characters in Fortnite

Doing so will even help you complete the ‘Land during Fortnite’s 6th Birthday’ quest at the same time!

One easy Character to find is Nolan Chance, who always spawns in the barn in Frenzy Fields.

Note that the quest doesn’t ask you to find two different characters, so feel free to dance with this NPC twice to complete your quest, so long as it’s in separate matches.

Any non-player character can be used for this quest, and you’ll find them all over the game’s map. When dropping into an area, you’ll see an NPC highlighted on your screen with a speech bubble indicator as you get close to them.

Where to Find All Characters in Fortnite

An easy way to find a nearby character is to pull up the Map and tab over to the Characters menu. There, you can see all discovered character locations, and where to find all non-discovered characters too.

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