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Fortnite: How to Complete Daily Bonus Goals – Goldenbane Guardian Quests

If you’ve invested in the new Fortnite Goldenbane Guardian Quest Pack, here’s how to complete your ‘Daily Bonus Goals’ objective.

Occasionally, Fortnite will throw players an easy way to earn XP or V-Bucks, using store items. Right now, for $11.99 USD, players can get their hands on the Goldenbane Guardian Quest Pack, complete with some excellent goodies.

Not only does this store bundle give players the chance to buy Guardian Amara, a skin reminiscent of Luxe from Chapter 1 Season 8, but it also comes with 1500 earnable V-Bucks.

Daily Bonus Goals in Fortnite
Epic Games

To get their hands on the in-game currency, players will have to complete challenges from the Quest Pack. And first up is completing Daily Bonus Goals.

But what are these daily objectives and how do you complete them?

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What Are Daily Bonus Goals in Fortnite?

For those unaware, Daily Bonus Goals refer to the bonus objectives that players receive when completing Fortnite missions each day.

By completing their first 3 Daily Quests, players will get 15,000 XP as a Daily Bonus Goal is complete. Unfortunately, if you’ve just purchased the bundle and have already completing your Bonus Goals for the day, you’ll have to wait for tomorrow’s store reset for more.

Don’t forget that you can get 28 free Fortnite Battle Pass levels with this other new store bundle!

Daily Bonus Goals Fortnite
Epic Games

Once you’ve accomplished 3 Daily Bonus Goals, you’ll have your first Goldenbane Guardian Quest clear and unlock 100 V-Bucks!

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