The Fortnite House Cat Spray was released as a reward for the Galaxy Cup 4 Event and highlighted the helmet of the Galaxy Crossfade Outfit.

This Galaxy Cup 4 was one of the many Fortnite competitions that players could enter to showcase their skills against the best players around.

Usually, these events have great prizes that players can earn if they complete a certain set of objectives or earn a set amount of points.

However, players only have until the event is over to earn these items, and the Fortnite House Cat Spray was one of those limited-time rewards.

How to Get House Cat Spray

Players were able to get the House Cat Spray by earning at least 8 points in the Galaxy Cup 4 Event on July 29 and July 30, 2023. The top-performing spot in each region received the entire Hazy Dreambeats Set.

Unfortunately, the event has already ended, which means that players can no longer compete to earn points for the Galaxy Cup 4 Event.

Fortnite Galaxy Cup 4

Since this was a special event in collaboration with Samsung, it’s unlikely that we will see the House Cat Spray in the store. Other Galaxy Cup events will likely show up, but they’ll probably have unique rewards.

If you’re an avid Fortnite player, then make sure to check out their official website for any news regarding upcoming events. These events usually have Outfits and other cosmetics as rewards that are difficult to obtain otherwise.

For the Galaxy Cup 4 Event, players were able to obtain the entire Hazy Dreambeats Set, which included:

  • House Cat Spray
  • Galaxy Crossfade Outfit + Reactive Crossfade’s Equalizer Backbling
  • Spinback Slicer Pickaxe
  • BPM Breakdown Emote
  • Crossfade’s Galaxy Wrap

If you missed out this time, then don’t worry too much. Fortnite often hosts in-game competitions with various rewards for players.

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