Fans of Fortnite will soon notice that the Item Shop requires them to hold down the Purchase button now, and that’s not all that’s different.

Fortnite is changing up the way its Item Shop works, adding more buyer protection and making it harder to accidentally purchase skins.

If you’re a regular player in Epic Games’ battle royale, chances are you’ve invested in a skin or two. After all, Fortnite is known for its incredible monetization and has featured some insane collaborations over the years.

But for parents with kids playing Fortnite, or simply fans with an over-eager purchase finger, Epic Games is adding further support to help everyone stay safe with their finances.

Fortnite’s New Hold to Purchase Feature

When looking to spend some of your hard-earned cash, Fortnite will now require players to hold down on the Purchase button for a few seconds.

This is presumably to stop accidental purchases of Item Shop cosmetics, since it’s much harder to hold down than to simply brush over the buy button.

Fortnite's New Hold to Purchase Feature

Fortnite has had the option to cancel in-game cosmetic purchases made with V-Bucks for some time now. However, the battle royale title is now upgrading its refund policy to make getting your money back even easier.

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Extended V-Bucks Refund Policy

Epic Games has now extended its refund policy, letting fans cancel in-game cosmetic purchases they’ve made with V-Bucks until either the item in question is either equipped during gameplay, or 24 hours have passed.

If you’ve bought a rare cosmetic just before it leaves the store, you can now think on your purchase for a day. And so long as you don’t take the new item into actual gameplay, you can even play the game as normal while you think.

Fortnite Extended V-Bucks Refund Policy
Source: Epic Games

A new notification will pop up in-game if players try and equip an item while in gameplay if that decision would make the cosmetic non-refundable.

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How to Cancel a Fortnite Purchase for a Refund

  • If you’ve just purchased an item by mistake, players can hit the Cancel Purchase button directly from the item screen. Otherwise, here’s what you need to do:
  • From the Fortnite lobby menu, select the sidebar three bars in the top left.
  • Select the Settings gear.
How to Refund Purchases in Fortnite
  • Choose Support and Refunds.
  • From here, all of your refundable purchases should be visible.
  • Find the item you want from your recent purchased and hit the Return button.
Refund Page Fortnite Items

Certain items, if there’s an issue with them, can also be eligible for a free refund, as you can see in the image above. And players can also use 3 return tickets per year for an instant return of an item purchased within 30 days!

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