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Fortnite Hiss Clique Quest Pack – 1000 VBucks Guide, Contents, & Price

Slither your way to a 1000 free Vbucks with this Fortnite Quest Pack!

The new Fortnite Hiss Clique Quest Pack is here, and fans of the battle royale are happy to see that the Ani Konda Skin is a must-have.

Thankfully, rather than take VBucks from you, this pack will actually reward you with them for a price.

Hiss Clique Quest Pack Contents & Price

The Hiss Clique Quest Pack includes the following for a price of $7.99:

  • Ani Konda Outfit
  • Charmer’s Coil Back Bling
  • Snakebite Slasher Pickaxe
  • Hiss Clique Quest Bundle
    • Features four quests that reward players with a total of 1000 VBucks.

Players can find this bundle under the “Special Offers & Bundles’ section of the Fortnite Item Shop. This is the section where all the bundles that cost real currency are displayed.

Hiss Clique Quest Pack Fortnite

Here is a look at each of the items that you’ll receive with the pack.

Ani Konda Outfit

Ani Konda Outfit Fortnite

Charmer’s Coil Back Bling

Fortnite Coil Backbling

Snakebite Slasher Pickaxe

Snakebite Slasher Pickaxe

But this isn’t the only quest pack in Fortnite right now. Players can also complete a set of quests from the Battle Pass to unlock Eren Jaeger from Attack on Titan.

Is the Hiss Clique Quest Pack Worth It?

Yes, the Hiss Clique Quest Pack is worth it because, for $7.99, players receive a new outfit bundle and a quest pack for 1000 VBucks.

This is a great value because Epic Games sells 1000 VBucks for $7.99. Players will essentially receive a free Outfit, Backbling, and Pickaxe alongside the VBucks.

So if you want to purchase the new Mikassa and Levi Skins from Attack on Titan, we recommend obtaining this pack to gather all the necessary VBucks.

How to Complete All Fortnite Hiss Clique Pack Quests

To complete all the Hiss Clique Quests, players will need to complete Daily Goals to reach the Daily Bonus Goals and earn all 1000 VBucks.

Each stage they complete rewards them with a different amount of VBucks.

  • First Stage – Complete 3 Daily Bonus Goals – 100 VBucks
  • Second Stage – Complete 5 Daily Bonus Goals – 200 VBucks
  • Third Stage – Complete 7 Daily Bonus Goals – 300 VBucks
  • Fourth Stage – Complete 9 Daily Bonus Goals – 400 VBucks
Hiss Clique Quest Challenges Fortnite
  1. Complete Daily Bonus Goals by completing Daily Quests.
    • These quests usually have different stages.
      • Stage 1 requires 1 Daily Quest.
      • Stage 2 requires 2 Daily Quests.
      • Stage 3 requires 3 Daily Quests.
    • Every day players can complete a total of 3 Daily Bonus Goals.
      • This means it will take at least eight days for players to complete all the Hiss Clique Quests and earn 1000 VBucks.
  2. Players can find these goals in the Daily tab on the Quests Page.
Daily Bonus Goals Fortnite

This is how players can obtain all 1000 VBucks from the Hiss Clique Quest Pack!

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