The Ahsoka Tano Battle Pass quests have arrived in Fortnite, and as part of them, players will need to locate a ton of Fulcrum Tokens.

By collecting these tokens, gamers can earn many rewards, including the highly coveted Ashoka Tano skin as well as other items such as back blings and weapon wraps.

If you are wondering where to find these in-game tokens, look no further as we dive into where to find them.

All Fortnite Fulcrum Tokens Locations

Fulcrum Tokens can be found at the following Fortnite POIs. To complete the challenges, you will need to find three at each of these sets of locations:

  1. Relentless Retreat or Breakwater Bay
    • Reward: Ahsoka Tano Skin
  2. Kenjutsu Crossing or Slappy Shores
    • Reward: Morai Backbling
  3. Sanguine Suites or Rumble Ruins
    • Reward: Star Map Wrap

Despite listing six locations, you will only need to collect tokens at three. Below you can find where you can complete these tokens and where to find them.

Fulcrum Tokens Locations

Breakwater Bay

  1. On the ledge of the castle, on the bridge east of Breakwater Bay.
  2. In the centre of Breakwater Bay, on top of the stone slabs near the flag.
  3. In the courtyard of the furthest building to the west of Breakwater Bay.
Breakwater Bay Tokens Locations

Slappy Shores

  1. In the street between the large tree and blue house on the east of Slappy Shores.
  2. Under the south side of the bridge in Slappy Shores.
  3. In the building found beside the south road leaving to the east in Slappy Shores.
 Fulcrum Tokens Locations Slappy Shores

Rumble Ruins

  1. On the northeast of Rumble Ruins inside the temple.
  2. In the temple south of Rumble Ruins.
  3. In the temple southwest of Rumble Ruins.
 Fulcrum Tokens Locations Rumble Ruins
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