The upcoming Fracture live event for Fortnite looks to be an exciting conclusion to Chapter 3 – here’s the date and time for the latest event.

It’s been revealed that Fortnite Chapter 3 will be the shortest in the game’s history, with the Fracture live event concluding the current era of the game.

While it may seem strange that it is ending so soon, the finale to Chapter 3 seems to be an exciting one if it’s leading into the next Chapter.

What Time Does Fortnite Fracture Event Start?

The Fortnite Fracture live event will take place on Saturday, December 3, 2022, at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET / 9 PM GMT.

That means that the Fracture event will begin in .

Fortnite Fracture Event

Usually, standard match servers will go offline 30 minutes prior to the starting time. That means you won’t be able to play any matches after this point until the game comes back online.

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We recommend getting into the Fracture game mode early on, as soon as it becomes available. This guarantees you a spot for the live event and you can avoid the server queues. You should also load in to Fortnite an hour before the event’s start time.

How Long Will the Fracture Live Event Last in Fortnite?

Fracture will likely last around 10-15 minutes, similar to previous live events for Fortnite. For example, Collision, the last Fortnite live event, was just over 12 minutes.

Similarly, the final event for Fortnite Chapter 2, ‘The End’, lasted over 11 minutes before the servers went offline for downtime.

Of course, it could be different. Since it is a major finale to the season and is dubbed Fracture as opposed to The End like previous Fortnite Chapters, it could offer a long runtime. However, we doubt that will be the case.

What Will Happen in Fortnite’s Fracture Live Event?

Paradise Part 2 voice lines which recently leaked seem to suggest that the “Zero Point has gone dormant” and “reality as we know it is going to end”. This points to a major plot that could see us waking the Zero Point in Fracture.

It could be that Fracture will lead to a split in reality after the Zero Point wakes up, bringing in classic and new content for Fortnite fans to enjoy. Of course, this is simply speculation for now.

It could simply be that we’ll be jumping to a new reality and a new island for Chapter 4. But Fracture is the only Chapter finale not called “The End”, suggesting something bigger than usual.

Since it is a Chapter-ending live event, there will be major changes to the next map when it releases after the downtime. We could also see some new game modes, similar to Fortnite’s Zero Build which drastically changed the Battle Royale.

For anyone who hasn’t finished the latest Battle Pass for Chapter 3 Season 4, here’s how to earn Battle Stars quickly before the season ends.