Forecast Towers are a brand new addition to Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 that gives players a ton of information on where the next storms will be.

This intel can be incredibly useful to getting those Victory Royales as you can position yourself in the center of the upcoming zone.

If you want to gain this valuable information, look no further as we will guide you on all the Forecast Tower Locations and how to use them to find out the next storm circle.

Where to Find Forecast Towers in Fortnite

Forecast Towers can be found all over the Island. However, only three will become active in each match. These active towers will show up when Storm Circle 2 is one minute away from beginning to close.

These towers will appear on the map as a satellite icon, as shown in the image below. They are large metal structures than can not be destroyed.

Fortnite Forecast Towers icons

How to Secure Forecast Data From Forecast Towers in Fortnite

To secure forecast data from Forecast Towers, players must head to a Forecast Tower and defeat the head guard. Once defeated, this guard will drop a keycard, which can used to download Storm info.

  1. Head to one of the Forecast Towers.
  2. Defeat the head guard and all guards in the area.
    • The head guard will be the AI with a health bar popping up when shot at.
Forecast Tower head guard
  1. Pick up the keycard the head guard drops.
Forecast Tower Access Card
  1. Head to the upload center at the front of the tower to download the info using the keycard.
 Tower Terminal

Completing this task is pretty tricky as you will not know where the towers will spawn. We recommend landing near the center of the map in order to have the best chance of being near one.

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