Fishing in Fortnite is one way for players to obtain shields, weapons, and ammo, but to do this activity, you must head to a Fishing Spot.

Fishing Spots can be located all around the map and will provide players with the necessary tools, such as fishing rods, to reel in all kinds of fish.

Although they are found across the island, players could have trouble knowing exactly where they need to go. Look no further, as we have you covered.

Fortnite Fishing Spots Locations in Chapter 4 Season 3

The coastline, river banks, and lake edges are the prime locations on the island to discover Fishing Spots.

When you venture into these regions, you will come across wooden barrels. By engaging with these barrels, you will receive a Fishing Rod, an essential tool for your fishing endeavors.

You can find these scenic areas on the map below, and they offer a ton of fishing opportunities.

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Best Location to Collect Fish From Fishing Spots in Fortnite

Shady Stilts is the best area to travel to collect fish from a fishing spot. This POI has 12 different Fishing Spots players can use.

These Fishing Spots are positioned along the river that flows through this named location. Head to one of the areas circled on the map below to retrieve a Fishing Rod.

Shady Stilts Fishing Spots
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