One confusing new puzzle has Fortnite players playing with fire – here’s how to ‘find the flames’ and unlock the vault door.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3’s new vaults are the cause of a great deal of confusion. Whether you’re interacting with statues, offering up worthy items, or finding flames, there are a lot of ways to bypass the locked doors.

But one puzzle is giving players more trouble than the others.

How to Solve the Flames Riddle in Fortnite

To open the locked door that tells players to ‘find the flames‘ or ‘the flames… pass‘, Fortnite players must light or extinguish the nearby braziers until they match the pattern found on another set of braziers elsewhere in the temple.

How to Solve the Flames Riddle in Fortnite

Depending on their location, players will find either 4 or 5 purple-flamed braziers in the room with the locked Find the Flames Door.

By holding Square / X / E beside each brazier, players can extinguish or light the flame. The goal is to match the pattern shown on the corresponding braziers elsewhere in the temple.

Hidden Temple Brazier Pattern

In the Hidden Temple, northwest of Creeky Compound, players will find the braziers they need to copy by dropping down to the ground floor after passing the first Worthy Item door.

Where to Find Braziers Flame Puzzle Fortnite
Drop Down From This Area
Credit: Fortnite Events

Memorize which flames are lit and which are not, then, head back upstairs.

Flame Puzzle Solution Fortnite
Remember Which Braziers Are Lit (Two Unpictured Behind the Player)
Credit: Fortnite Events

After they’ve sacrificed a legendary item to pass the second Worthy Item door, Fortnite players will then come to the flames puzzle and must replicate the pattern with their new braziers.

How to Solve Flames Pass Riddle Fortnite
Light or Extinguish the Corresponding Braziers.
Credit: Fortnite Events

Southern Temple Brazier Pattern

In the Southern Temple, southeast of Rumble Ruins, the Flames Pass puzzle is in the basement of the Fortnite ruins, behind a Worthy Item door.

How to Solve the Flame Brazier Puzzle Vault Fortnite
Basement Braziers (One Unpictured to the Left)

However, the Braziers you need to copy are all directly above the basement Braziers, on the second floor of the temple.

There is also a 5th and final Brazier on the first floor, directly in the center of the Southern Temple.

How to Solve Flame Puzzle in Fortnite Ruins
Braziers on the Second Floor, Directly Above the Basement

What’s Behind the Find the Flames Pass Puzzle Door?

After completing the Flames puzzle in Fortnite, players will be rewarded with a room full of treasure, including 3 Rare Chests and 2 or 3 regular Chests.

Any sacrifices you made to get here will likely be worth your time, as these vault rooms could equip a full squad with ease!

Treasure Room Behind Flames Puzzle Fortnite

Just make sure you’re aware of your surroundings as enemies could be lurking in the forest’s popular temple POIs!

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