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Fortnite Fans Are Disappointed With Moon Knight’s Cape

Fortnite players are unhappy with how the new Moon Knight skin was handled, at least where his cape is concerned.

Epic Games’ Battle Royale title surely is the game of a thousand crossovers at this point. Our latest Marvel-inspired skin comes courtesy of Disney+’s newest show, Moon Knight.

But while Fortnite fans have been waiting for Moon Knight for some time, the surprise drop wasn’t everything they were hoping for.

Moon Knight Fortnite Skin
Epic Games

In particular, hardcore Marvel fans have a few complaints about the hero’s cloak and its lack of use.

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Moon Knight’s Cloak Should Be His Glider, Fans Complain

In Fortnite’s newest crossover, players can choose between Moon Knight (with or without cape) and Mr Knight skins for their 1500 V-Bucks. But why isn’t his cloak a glider?

In episode 3 of Moon Knight, which aired last week, we got to see Moon Knight’s iconic cape get some use, as the hero used it to glide into the fight. What’s particularly distinctive about the cloak is that it spread out into the shape of a crescent moon as it carried Marc Spector through the air.

In the Fortnite Back Bling description for Moon Knight’s Cloak, the item claims it’s ‘designed for slowing descents from great heights.’

moon knight back bling
Epic Games

Despite that fact, the iconic cape isn’t available to use as a glider, nor does it ever take on its crescent moon appearance.

“This is hilarious to me because Marc did use a glider in the show. You know who didn’t? Hawkeye,” Reddit user xzsamzilla writes. “You know who got a giant, bow and arrow shaped glider with a totally new animation set? Hawkeye! I’m not even mad, that’s just hilarious.”

It’s not just Moon Knight that fans are unhappy with either. After all, the new Fortnite x Wu-Tang Clan skins are disappointing players and they’re not even here yet!

Let’s just hope that the supposed Attack on Titan collaboration in Fortnite lives up to its potential!

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