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Fortnite Empty Chest Bug Annoys Players – How to Fix

Some Fortnite players have been experiencing a bug that makes chests seem empty, and here’s how you could fix it.

Despite Fortnite’s latest season adopting the name Vibin’, it seems that it’s not all good vibes. While many players enjoyed the No Sweat Summer event, some fans are receiving bugs that can be frustrating.

The latest update brought the event, alongside a new skate park and more to Fortnite, but it also brought the latest glitch.

Here’s what the empty chest bug in Fortnite is, and how you could fix it.

Fortnite – Empty Chest Glitch Explained

The “Empty Chest Bug” is a glitch that occurs for some Fortnite players, where loot is seemingly teleported to a nearby location.

Despite the name, the chests aren’t empty. Instead, the loot inside can be found close by. However, it can be tedious and frustrating.

The bug has been shared plenty of times on social media, especially on the r/FortniteBR subreddit. Here’s one example of the bug happening below:

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Of course, it’s only a matter of finding where the loot has moved to, but there’s another way to fix this bug and ensure it won’t happen.

Fortnite – How to Fix Empty Chest Bug

To fix the empty chest bug, players will need to break a bathroom mirror near chests to stop this bug from happening.

“If you break the mirrors in the bathroom or anywhere they are close, then open the chests, the loot will drop at your feet instead of outside the building.” – u/redsoxfan_goboston

This appears to be an issue after the quest for finding the coolest player in Fortnite was released. This quest tasks players with finding a mirror, and it seems the quest has caused some problems.

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Breaking the closest mirror, or any mirrors nearby will likely stop the issue from happening. If it doesn’t, it’s simply a matter of finding where your loot has disappeared to.

Hopefully, this glitch will be fixed soon, as we’ve only got a little while until the end of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, after all. Surely Epic Games won’t let the issue stick around until the next major update.

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