The first ever Elder Scrolls ‘Nord Warrior’ skin has now arrived in Fortnite, courtesy of The Elder Scrolls Online – here’s how to get it!

Fortnite is the game of a thousand collaborations, but the Battle Royale title has notably never crossed over with The Elder Scrolls franchise.

Now, Tamriel is finally arriving in-game.

Elder Scrolls Nord Warrior Skin Fortnite Release Date

The Elder Scrolls Online ‘Nord Warrior’ skin became available in Fortnite on July 20 at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET, as part of a promotion for the MMO title arriving on the Epic Games Store.

The Elder Scrolls Online is now available for the first time on the Epic Games storefront.

Nord Warrior Skin Elder Scrolls Fortnite

The game will be available for free from July 20 – July 27, as part of its regular free game offerings. And to celebrate, Bethesda and Epic Games are teaming up to release a new Elder Scrolls skin in-game.

Fortnite Elder Scrolls Nord Warrior Skin Price – Is It Free?

The Elder Scrolls’ Nord Warrior skin is available for 1200 V-Bucks in the Fortnite Item Shop.

It is not free, something that several leakers were hoping for, seeing as The Elder Scrolls Online is arriving on the Epic Games Store for no cost.

The Elder Scrolls Online in Fortnite

Fortnite will occasionally bundle skins with EGS purchases, such as the Borderlands Butt Stallion-inspired ‘Diamond Pony’ Glider that comes with a purchase of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

However, when claiming the Elder Scrolls Online via the Epic Games Store, players will earn the Sigil of the Alliance War Back Bling for free.

Free Elder Scrolls Backbling in Fortnite

Those who purchase the Necrom DLC for the popular MMO will also receive the Ebonheart Battleaxe Pickaxe and Backbling, in addition to the Sigil of the Alliance.

Free Ebonheart Battlaxe Fortnite

As for the Nord Warrior Skin itself, it appears to be dropping into the Item Shop in the following bundle.

All Elder Scrolls Items in Fortnite

Here’s a breakdown of every Elder Scrolls item currently available in Fortnite’s ‘Heroes of Tamriel’ category:

  • Nord Warrior (Outfit) – 1200 V-Bucks Item Shop
  • Ebonheart Battleaxe (Harvesting Tool & Back Bling) – 800 V-Bucks Item Shop or Buy Necron DLC for ESO
  • Nord Armor (Wrap) – 300 V-Bucks Item Shop
  • Sigil of the Alliance War (Back Bling) – Claim The Elder Scrolls Online via the Epic Games Store
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