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Fortnite Dragon Ball Z Skin Collab: 3 Characters Revealed by Leaker

Many fans are excited for the rumored release of Dragon Ball Z skins in Fortnite, and now, leakers could have revealed three of the classic characters getting skins in the collab.

Fortnite and collaborations are certain to happen. Epic Games have been partnering with many different IPs, brands, and even celebrities, bringing new skins and cosmetics to Fortnite.

But one has been seemingly left out. Despite Dragon Ball Z being a massive IP and having a huge fandom, it hasn’t been seen in Fortnite yet.

However, with rumors circling the awaited collaboration, it seems that some leakers are reportedly leaking some of the Dragon Ball Z skins.

UPDATE: The Dragon Ball x Fortnite Release Date Has Been Revealed!

Fortnite x Dragon Ball Z Collaboration: 3 Skins Revealed by Leaker

Reliable leaker ShiinaBR has been sharing the news of the Dragon Ball Z collaboration since it was first reported. And now, he has confirmed three of the skins that could be coming soon.

Fortnite x Dragon Ball

While the leak wasn’t found by ShiinaBR himself, he shared the news with his followers. The original leaker was @MidaRado on Twitter.

Considering ShiinaBR’s track record with leaks, we can put a lot of faith in what they share. And they revealed that three major Dragon Ball Z characters will become skins in Fortnite soon.

These are skins shared by @ShiinaBR, and are said to be three of the four skins coming with the collaboration:

  • Goku
  • Vegeta
  • Beerus
Fortnite x Dragon Ball Z Collaboration 3 Skins Revealed by Leaker

Obviously, we are waiting on one skin to be leaked. But considering that three of the four have been leaked, we can hope to see the leakers reveal the last one soon.

But that’s not all. Apparently, the “Attack Ball” from Dragon Ball Z will become a Glider for players to use in-game. And the Capsule, which was part of the first leak, is set to become loot in Fortnite’s loot pool.

Unfortunately, we are unsure whether other items will be bundled with the skins. But fans of Dragon Ball Z will hopefully see the collaboration soon if rumors are anything to go by.

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