Fortnite Creative maps can provide a different experience than the regular Battle Royale mode, and map makers are now creating raids.

Prepare to be tested like never before in the new DoomsDay Raid Boss Battle, a relentless fight demanding teamwork and strategy to conquer a powerful adversary boasting a ton of HP.

Securing the map code is essential for those eager to partake in this epic Raid. So let’s dive in and discuss everything you need to know about the DoomsDay Raid.

Fortnite DoomsDay Raid Boss Battle: Map Code

To play the Fortnite DoomsDay Raid, players must enter the code – 8699-5345-4889.

  1. On the Fortnite main menu, press Square on PlayStation / X on Xbox to bring up to change modes.
    • On PC, use Mouse Left-Click on the mode tab.
  2. When the modes appear, use L1/R1 or LB/RB to navigate to “Island Code.”
    • On PC, use your mouse.
  3. Enter the map code: 8699-5345-4889.
Fortnite Island code tab location

What Is Fortnite DoomsDay Raid Boss Battle?

The Fortnite DoomsDay Raid Boss Battle is a map created by “sigrs.” Within this map, you must face off against a colossal boss.

You can have up to 6 players at a time, and each player will select between one of three different class types:

  • Vanguard
    • Lever Action Rifle
    • Havoc Pump Shotgun
    • Hand Cannon
    • Ability to grant a shield to all allies
  • Assault
    • Burst Assault Rifle
    • Havoc Suppressed Assault Rifle
  • Support
    • Lever Action Rifle
    • Hand Cannon
    • Ability to heal all allies
    • Ability to give a temporary damage boost to all allies
    • Bandages

As a team, you must take down “The god of exiles” as you avoid his incoming attacks shown by red markers on the floor.

The class types in the Fortnite DoomsDay Raid Boss Battle

How to Defeat Fortnite DoomsDay Raid Boss

To defeat the boss in the DoomsDay Raid, you must shoot him in his vulnerable areas. These are depicted by orange markers found on his head and near his shoulders, as shown in the image below.

Given the boss’s substantial health pool, it is advisable to enter the encounter with a team. While defeating the boss alone is feasible, it will likely require a significant amount of time and effort.

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