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Epic Games Responds To Claims That Fortnite Leaks Logins

Fortnite developers Epic Games have denied claims made by a pro gamer that Fortnite's API leaks player login information.

Fortnite has been having a bit of a PR nightmare recently. Not only have multiple leaks upended their announcement strategies for new skins and events, but they've also had to pledge to improve their Fortnite Crew subscription after backlash from players.

It's certainly not about to get much better, as Fortnite pro gamer Jonathan 'Yung Calculator' Weber has claimed that the game's API leaks players' private information.

Yung Calculator's Accusation

Fortnite pro player Yung Calculator made the accusation on Twitter that the game's API was unsafe for players, and that Epic Games don't have secured player logins.

Yung Calculator Fortnite Login Claims
Yung Calculator's Vanguard announcement

He said, in a now-deleted string of tweets;

Guys, Epic Games' infrastructure is so dogmeat that if you don't have this turned off, people can find your email. That's kind of bad on its own, but then if they have your email, they can send password resets to your account. [...] on Epic Games, it logs you out in-game.

@yungcalc on Twitter

He stated that he's not the only player who's had problems with this, with even FaZe member Nate Hill chiming in to claim he'd suffered the same way.

This is a very serious allegation to make against such a huge game, with an ever-growing player-base. When it comes to gaming, player safety must be paramount, and when dealing with sensitive information, security must be top-notch.

However, not everyone believes this to be true.

Fortnite Season Five
Fortnite Season Five

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Popular data-miner FNBRUnreleased suggested that these claims were simply impossible. They stated in a tweet;

Want to tweet this out since some pros follow me. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO VIEW THE EMAIL OF ANOTHER PERSON'S EPIC. Epic's API does not work like that. I've been seeing this rumor from @yungcalc spreading false information.

@FNBRUnleashed on Twitter

With a data-miner with such knowledge of the fundamental structure of the game chiming in, the validity of the claims was brought into question. Luckily, Fortnite were quick to address the allegations.

Fortnite's Response To Security Claims

Epic Games wasted no time in making sure these claims were put to rest. In a succinct tweet from the Fortnite Status account, they stated;

We investigated reports that leaderboards were divulging non-public information or causing unauthorized logouts.

This is not the case.

We are certain that affected accounts remain secure, player info (incl. email addresses) isn't being divuilged & any logout issue is resolved.

@FortniteStatus on Twitter
Fortnite Season Five
Fortnite Season Five

Thankfully, that leaves this accusation cleared up. Yung Calculator deleting his tweets seems to imply that he accepts his mistake. He followed this up on Twitter, defending himself and claiming that he doesn't believe he deserves the heat the accusation has brought him.

These claims may have worried players, but at least they have plenty to look forward to in-game. Fortnite just revealed new Terminator skins in a new trailer, and the exciting new 15.21 update has finally launched.

Plus, leaks have revealed that weapon mods will be coming soon, and fan-favorite vehicles will be making their return.

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