Fans have not reacted well to a leak that claims huge changes to how damage numbers work and look are coming to Fortnite.

While change is always a little difficult to accept, this visual alteration is definitely proving to be a little difficult to stomach for a lot of fans.

Of course, this isn’t the first change to come to Chapter 3 Season 4. There have been a number of new additions and alterations such as the reintroduction of a beloved iconic trap.

What Are the New Damage Numbers in Fortnite and How Are They Different?

The new damage numbers in Fortnite are essentially reskinned and reanimated versions of the original, with a few significant upgrades.

First spotted by Fortnite leaker, Venom, these new damage numbers look vastly different from the ones we currently have.

Supposedly, these damage numbers were showcased in the latest Epic Games survey – which the public does not have access to. Fans can expect to see them be introduced later on in the season.

There are a few major differences between the new damage numbers and the old:

  • Instead of having the breaking-apart animation, they drift upwards before fading away
  • They all have thicker colored outlines
  • They can now be cumulative

Why Are Fans Upset About the New Damage Numbers?

There are a variety of reasons why fans are outraged about the new damage numbers in Fortnite, including the change in font, the lack of style, and a move toward replicating other games.

Here is a breakdown of every reason why fans are unhappy:

  • The numbers no longer break apart when fading out
  • Fans don’t like that the font choice is different and looks too generic
  • Many have likened it to how a low-budget mobile game’s font would look
  • The original damage numbers are one of the last remaining aspects of Fortnite’s original visual style
  • It looks too much like Apex Legends’ font choice
the new damage numbers in Fortnite

Of course, this isn’t the first time Fortnite fans have gotten upset by a new feature in Fortnite. In fact, most recently fans have claimed the Chapter 3 Season 4 Battle Pass is one of the game’s worst.

However, not everyone hates this change. A number of fans say they prefer the new damage numbers due to the fact that they are cumulative.

Fortnite Damage Numbers Explained

The supposed new damage numbers in Fortnite have a few major differences, however, the most notable one is that they no longer fall apart when fading away.

Damage numbers in Fortnite display the amount of damage you’ve dealt to another player with whatever weapon you’re using.

For example, if you were to shoot someone with one of the most effective weapons in Zero Build, the Cobra DMR, you’d see a 36 appear next to them if you hit them anywhere other than the head.

a pov perspective shot of a Cobra DMR aiming at another player in Fortnite

Of course, there are different colored numbers depending on whether you’ve landed a headshot, are hitting shields, or are just hitting the player.

The colors are as follows:

  • White = Normal damage to the player
  • Blue = Damage to the player’s shields
  • Yellow = A headshot

However, these new damage numbers would shake things up a little bit, not only in style but in how they work as well.

How Do Cumulative Damage Numbers Work in Fortnite?

Instead of showing each individual amount of damage you inflict on another player, cumulative damage numbers add it up for you, showing you the exact total amount of damage you’ve dealt.

This means that you won’t have to do any mental gymnastics to figure out how much damage you’ve dealt to your opponent. You’ll be able to pinpoint just how much health they have left.

It’s certainly a helpful tool for those who struggle to determine just how near defeat their enemies are. However, it is currently unclear as to whether players will be able to toggle this option on or off.

If these new damage numbers do indeed get added, then there’s no better time to test them out with the recently much-improved EvoChrome weapons.

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