Key Points
Completion Time:
15 minutes
Very easy
15,000 XP
Must Haves:

Week 2 of the Fortnite Coachella challenges is here and players are tasked with setting off fireworks on the island.

Initially, understanding how to ignite the fireworks can be a bit challenging for players, but the method is actually straightforward.

Before you begin this challenge, you will need the correct island code: 5449-4207-1280.

How to Launch Fireworks in Fortnite Coachella Island

To launch fireworks, wait for the 15-minute timer on the island’s spawn to end.

Then, use the firework flare gun you receive from the show and shoot it into the sky using these controls to finish the challenge:

  • PlayStation: R2
  • Xbox: RT
  • PC: Left Mouse Button

While you wait for the countdown to complete, it is an excellent time to finish the Week 1 challenges! Collecting the hidden music notes can be tricky, but we found all their locations.

Where to Find Fireworks in Fortnite Coachella

Fireworks cannot be found on the island, and they are only available after waiting for the 15-minute timer for the show to complete.

The game awards a flare gun containing the fireworks during the show, which disappears once the show is over.

There is no other way for players to obtain the fireworks and complete the “Launch Fireworks at Coachella Island” challenge.

If you are looking for even more rewards and XP from Fortnite Creative, check out The Kid LAROI’s Wild Dreams map. You can earn a bunch of items and experience to level up.

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